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the CoD killer

I played this game for the first time on my PC, and it got me hooked. For starters, the game looks great. They made some nice changes to the engine from the first one, and it runs very well. The maps are large and detailed, but they arent many people online anymore, so unfortunately a lot of time in these maps is spent running around trying to find stuff to shoot. Im sure this wasnt a problem when it came out, but its still a bummer for people like me who arent a fan of the direction DICE went with BF3.

The campaign is a nice distraction and allows for some easy G's if you're an achievement hunter. The multiplayer as many know is the main draw here, and takes a while to wade through, but the unlocks/medals are fun and give the player incentive to keep playing. Overall, my favorite online shooter to date, and I hope they will make a sequel :)


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    Bad Company 2 provides the  best multiplayer experience currently on the consoles. I think it betters every other serious FPS on console: COD:MW2, HALO, MAG etc.    I didnt play BC1 but was always a fan of the series on the PC and I still play Battlefield 2. I was abit skeptical about DICE's new outing on the consoles but it seems my fears were unfounded as the game has blown me away. While it doesnt match the scale of previous installments with only 24 players, but it matches and even surpasses...

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