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You smell very clean

I've always felt like the Battlefield franchise was a bit limiting as an online only multiplayer shooter. Sure, its large-scale battles are incredibly fun online, and the basic Battlefield formula holds firm in every iteration of the series that I've played. I guess I'm just greedy, and have always wanted more for my $50-$60. Fortunately, my wish has been granted via Battlefield: Bad Company. Bad Company's online play is about what you'd expect from the franchise, but it throws in a surprisingly solid single player campaign to boot. The resulting package is fun online and off, and is well worth the price of admission.
Needless to say, as a full blown Battlefield game, Bad Company's online play is great. The levels are huge, and allow for lots of freedom in the way you move around, whether you're on foot or in vehicles. They allow for tons of players to join two opposing teams and just go to town, fighting in whatever way they see fit. It also has a level up system (this is the post Call of Duty 4 era after all) that feels appropriate, and works well. Most notable however, is how Bad Company's trademark destructible environments make everything that much more exciting. Being able to blow down a building that your foes are hiding in is incredibly satisfying, and the game gives you tons of options when it comes to explosives. Online play in Bad Company is just generally fun in the ways that matter most, and anyone who's ever liked anything about the franchise will certainly find it here.
That being said, Bad Company carries the series' weaknesses along with its strengths. The vehicles don't always control that well, and the sheer scale of the maps can sometimes lead to unwanted downtime where all you're doing is hoofing it across an open field. Also, being a Battlefield game, there may not be a whole lot here to attract anyone who didn't like previous Battlefield games. Fortunately, these minor gripes are just that, and don't do enough to ruin the experience. Even if you aren't a fan of Battlefield's online multiplayer mayhem, Bad Company has you covered. There is a single player campaign to be found here, and a surprisingly good one at that. It's done in much the same style as the multiplayer, which transitions well to single player. But it's the addition of an overlying narrative that really steals the show. A lighthearted story and a colorful cast of hilarious characters take center stage, and carry the game from start to finish. It never takes itself too seriously, and the genuinely funny dialogue is just fantastic. All in all, listening to the four men of the titular Bad Company banter amongst themselves was probably my favorite part of the game.
Battlefield: Bad Company is for the most part what you would expect from a Battlefield game, with all the ensuing pros and cons in tact. The addition of destructible environments is awesome, but it's the enjoyable single payer campaign that really helps the game to live up to its price tag. Bad Company is a great shooter that's well worth it for any fan of the series, or just anyone looking for a fun campaign full of great dialogue and lots of explosions. 
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