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My Battlefield: Bad Company Review

Good game, I would highly recommend at least renting this game. I enjoyed the storyline among it being really funny or hilarious a lot times too. I don’t get that with many games or army games. They took a different approach to your typical storyline to your typical army game you play. It is not such a long game but not that short either. There are 7 levels in this game but they are big long levels too. Not extremely long to where you are wishing it would end, level 5 is probably the shortest.

Multiplayer is extremely fun. I am waiting for Conquest to come out as downloadable content (DLC). Its current online game mode, Gold Rush, is fun though. There is nothing wrong with it, except for the teammates you sometimes get pared with. Sometimes they are either terrible, no idea what to do, no communication, going rambo or whatever else there is. I don’t like the fact that you can only talk to your squad members (squads of 4 but you don’t always get 4) and there are 4 squads to a team (max 12 players per team).

I would at least like to see 2 squads of 6 but this is never going to happen. You really should be able to talk to your entire team someway. Sometimes none of your squad members are support and you see another guy on your team with support and trying to get him to give you health and he’s either dumb or you end up dieing trying and waiting. Anyways my friend and I among those I have met over XBL playing BF:BC have been having a blast with MP.

This game no where beats CoD4 in Single Player or Multiplayer. I still will be playing CoD4 online. But BF:BC is still really fun and enjoyable too. It’s something to play when you don’t feel like playing CoD4 (or at least me) or want something different. I’ve been playing Battlefield games for years. I started off with Battlefield 2 (PC) and its expansions and continued with Battlefield: Modern Combat (Xbox and Xbox 360) and Battlefield 2142 (PC).


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