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Dice should have stuck with the multiplayer focused game design.

As negative as my title is my feelings towards the game and my review are actually pretty positive. As simple as i can put it the game is just a solid shooter. Its not great or generation defining but it won't leave you out in the cold either. This game is the first if I'm not mistaken to have a pretty fleshed out single player experience as well as Dice's famous realistic team based multiplayer.

I don't think i need to get into the story much since if you're reading this you probably already know the gist of it, but i will give a general overview. You are a new transfer to B or Bad company with the highest death rate of the military. On a mission you find that the merc's you are fighting are paid in gold bars and you decide to set up an early retirement fund. That being said; its all the story your really going to get. It ain't a lot, but at least we are getting some.

 Whats cool and "hip" about the game is the new engine that allows for "90% destructible environments" which is nice. This makes for a pretty fun time and keeps the game fresh since you never know whats going to happen to the cover your hopelessly clinging to. But it also has some headaches. The building and vehicles don't always behave the way you think they will. Some walls are indestructible and physics for vehicle collisions and explosives don't work all the time. Driving tanks over wood fences or barricades can send them into the air and tapping a wall will halt you completely, which in the heat of battle can usually frustrate instantly. The control's for the helicopters are also bad since DICE uses there crazy schemes of whacked out steering. The levels are all mostly the same. Go kill the people here, maybe blow something up, go over there and do it again. Its not very compelling but at least they made something. Also, the AI on the enemies is borderline on the supernatural. Its one of the those games where if you can be seen you are seen is how they programed it.

But all these problems don't stop the game from being what it is, a good shooter. And with the awesome team based multi player and weapon unlocks the game will be in your console for a long time.....As long as you can take the grainy film overlay they put on the game.


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