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A decent FPS game with some fun moments and plenty of repetition.

It was a decent experience with some fun missions in certain spots in the single player mode. The missions were a bit repetitive during the first half of the game while the second half mixed it up more with a larger variety of vehicles and weapons. The last mission was just insane and if it weren't for the multiplayer-type respawning feature, I would've tossed my controller at the TV screen. Yea, so I have mixed reactions about the game in general.

The graphics are gorgeous. The character models and textures are quite detailed and the weapons look pretty damn good. The maps are incredibly large with no loading whatsoever while you go from point A to point B which was pretty cool. There is a lot of detail in the maps even though some parts are a bit sparse. The water effects are beautiful and the trees sway and move in the sunlight. Certain parts of the maps feature really nice effects with the sky which added to the mood for the missions. The vehicles also look great and are detailed as well. I do have to say that the explosions aren't as well done as the rest of the game.

The sound is a bit strange. There's a weird echo with a majority of the gunshots and explosions to accentuate the wide open battles. But they kind of take away the visceral feeling that CoD4 had. Explosions lacked the boominess that other shooters have as well. But the sound for the guns, vehicles and destruction of buildings were really good. I also have to say that the voice acting is excellent and the characters are quite likeable because of that. It's not amazing as MGS4 but it's better than a lot of other shooters out there. The music ranges from meh to good. I like some of the tracks but there's nothing that stands out.

The gameplay is good. The game is basically a multiplayer game crammed into the single player mode. As I've said the objectives are quite repetitive and will actually wear you out over time. I wasn't able to complete any one map in one sitting. They are quite large and you'll basically have to keep going from one point to another under heavy fire in spots. The only time you have any breaks is when you find yourself a tank (but that's up to you). The majority of the game will have you and your three teammates taking on an entire army. It's really disappointing that the game didn't include a lot of AI allies to help you out in the majority of the maps. Considering the huge settings, I was puzzled why the devs didn't have sections in the map where we had your allies helping out. It was a missed opportunity for some great set pieces.

Anyways, fun game but I think this game should be played for the multiplayer more. I haven't tried it out yet but I heard it's good. The single player had its moments but it wasn't as exciting or fun as CoD4 and it's missing a lot of fundamental gameplay mechanics that would've made it more fun and interesting. The story is decent but it's pretty bland and there aren't a lot of wow moments. It's worth checking out for FPS fans.


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