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Amazing Game, Two Complaints

Battlefield: Bad Company (BF:BC) is a game that almost achieves perfection, but, like always, there are two complaints that holds it back from achieving that perfect game status.

My first complaint about BF:BC is the fact that they have a weapon that is impossible to unlock if you did not pre-order thae game.  Now, sure they wanted people to pre-order the game, but that's just not fair in terms of gameplay balance.

My second complaint is one that is being addressed for free, but I'm still saddened that it was not included on disk.  Of course, I'm talking about conquest mode.  A Battlefield game without conquest is like ordering a hamburger, but instead of beef, there's chicken instead.   By no means is it bad, but it's not what you wanted.  Now, don't get me wrong, Gold Rush is an amazing game type, but I want Conquest more.

Other than these two minor gripes, the gameplay is perfect, the story is hilarious, and destruction is satisfying.


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