defias's Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360) review

An average shooter

I loved all previous installments of battlefield specifically #2. Yet once I heard they were going to try to cash in by making people pay for weapons already on the disc that gave a bad impression. They eventually decided they would make them free when you reach level 25 or you can buy them with the gold edition. Then I got into the Beta, played one day and did not play it any further because I was totally disappointed to see this game was basically an average shooter with destructible environments. However giving it a chance and seeing how my friends were going to get it I bought it.

So day one I bought it, played a little bit of multi-player and still felt the game play was pretty poor. Maybe its me having higher standards set by Call of Duty 4 but I found the shooting to feel weak and unrewarding. I played the game online for a few days then felt totally unsatisfied I stopped playing it online and started the campaign.

The campaign is actually my favourite part of the game. It is a pretty average length game. The campaign follows around B-Company the misfits and delinquents of the army. The squad consists of Preston Marlowe(the protagonist), Terrence Sweetwater, George Haggard and Sergeant Samuel D. Redford(Sarge). The story is told through short cut-scenes generally where you are standing around while sarge is talking it to his headset and Sweetwater and Haggard are messing around. The game conveys an attitude of everything is a joke as your squad is always in a happy mood and joking around. The story however isn't a very deep one as almost every mission involves you just killing everyone in an area then meeting up with your squad.

The game-play is pretty fun blowing through walls and shootings down trees. However you eventually grow tired of it because it becomes repetitive much like most of the missions. The campaign however is easy due to the Life-2 injector which you can inject yourself to boost your health at basically any moment with a few second interval. The game also re spawns you nearby when you die and all previous progress remains and can be carried of where left. When you die it never feels like you failed due to this system, so it gives you the idea that you might as well play recklessly as there are no repercussions of your actions.

Posted by Defias

I have no idea how I ended up giving it 5 stars but I intended to give it 3 stars

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