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Bad company takes the Battlefield franchise, and adds to it.

Before Bad Company, Battlefield games were samey, faceless war shooters that... kinda failed to impress. I hoped that Bad Company would prove that DICE still had some tricks up their sleeves. And thankfully, they proved me right. I enjoyed every moment of Battlefield's single player, although the pretty much unlimited auto-injector reduced the difficulty somewhat. The great thing about Bad Company is that although the online action is the centrepiece of all the previous games in the franchise, this time around Bad Company has a genuinely amazing single player experience. It's strange, but hats off to dice for making a story the is just about as interesting as GTA IV's one. Well, for me anyway. The contros are kind of clunky, but you get the feeling that that was intentional, and that they did that on purpose for the purpose of  making it feel more realistic. There's your  redneck soldier called Haggard who's the comic relief of the team and shares Jeff's pro exsplosion agenda, then you have your sterotypical seargeant called Redford. Another great thing about this game is that there's no (Quote Yahtzee) "Black and white 'My country 'tis of thee' jingoisim that you see in most war games"(/Quote) It's also genuinely funny and in some places, absolutley hysterical (Spoilers!) for example, the part where Haggard single-handedly invades a neutral country. There's also some great fun to be had in the Multi-player. But here's where the faults come in: The Unlock system is stripped down to only 3 unlcoks availible for all classes, and beacuse you only have one account and can't create new soldiers the 25 unlocks are enough to purchase all the weapons. Also, on the larger maps, the only classes worth playing are the Recon class and the Demolition class. Another of Battlefield's shortcomings: there's only one class that can hurt vehicles to a satisfactory degree. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, I loved this game, and if you're a fan of Battlefield games you'll probably love this one too. You know, if you can forgive the slight dumbing down for consoles. And that phrase is not meant as an insult. If you're new to the genre, 1. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? And 2: You could do a hell of a lot worse that this. Just, you know, go buy it. It's a shining example of the genre, and it really sucked me in.

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