Your thoughts on the BETA?

#1 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Okay, these were one of those games i was just testing for the sake of it. I didnt know anything about it, just found out Open Beta began so i gave it a shot.

I can say without a doubt, this game is phenomenal. From the very beggining, the battles are EPIC!!
I absolutely love this game, extremely fun in my eyes.

What do you think of the BETA?

By the way, if you want to get in and you havent, its Open to All. Just look at the Screenshots, and read a quick summary of the game, and try it out if you like :D

#2 Posted by floodiastus (1288 posts) -

I think the pop cap is too high, playing coop there are hundreds of units on screen which makes for a real zergy gameplay.

#3 Posted by Origina1Penguin (3521 posts) -

This page needs more information.  I don't know anything about this game. 

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