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#201 Posted by Bourbon_Warrior (4523 posts) -

What sucks is that Blizzard forced me to get the authenticator to do gold auctions. My iPhone just got white screen of death and this is where my authenticator is on. Now I can't log in to because I can't remember my stupid secret question and answer because I have never had to use that before and never thought I would have to for a game like this. So now I am locked out of the game I paid for and have recieved various cookie cutter responses from Blizzard that may as well say Too Bad!.

#202 Posted by mace_vindu (12 posts) -

Whos next? Its like, no one is safe... Cybercriminals... Nice time we live in:)

#203 Posted by divakchopra (86 posts) -

i just wanna play starcraft in peace

#204 Posted by jasondesante (604 posts) -

"I bet the guys selling password-securing apps are stoked." honestly what is that supposed to mean

#205 Posted by Rylle (2 posts) -

I certainly appreciated the transparency, and this just goes to show that no one is immune to security breaches. It took long enough, but I think it's becoming more and more evident that, given enough time, anyone can and will be hacked if they are a valuable target.

#206 Posted by tennesseemcvay (20 posts) -

I wonder if this is related to somebody from Hefei, China keeps trying to get into my gmail. They probably heard about all the fine ladies in my area looking to hook up that seem to blow up my email on a daily basis, so I can't really blame them.

#207 Posted by blacklab (1618 posts) -

Done and done!

#208 Posted by Diachron (88 posts) -

I'm getting tired of this.

#209 Posted by SpartanHoplite (387 posts) -

@rmills87 said:

Jesus fucking Christ, I'm getting so tired of this shit.

me2 :/

it seems to be happening on regular basis now..

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