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Battlepaths features a large world divided into realms, dozens of quests, plenty of loot and tactical turn-based combat fully based on your character stats.


  • Strength

Strength determines how much damage your character deals, as well as which items you are going to be able to use. Strength also determines the power level of the specials "Power Strike" and "Warcry" when activated.

  • Endurance

The higher your Endurance, the more HP you will gain every time you level up-- this specifically means that raising Endurance early on will give you more Hit points later on. The effect of the "Regeneration" and "Health Boost" specials is affected by Endurance.

  • Dexterity

Dexterity determines your base Attack Rating and Armour Class, as well as determining whether you can equip some special gear. Characters with high Dexterity will have a high chance to hit their foes while being harder to hit themselves. Dexterity will also improve the special "Eagle Eye".

  • Speed

Speed directly influences your Movement Cost; the higher your Speed, the more turns you get, which ultimately means that you can eventually strike twice while the enemy only attacks once, etc. The "Haste" special scales alongside your Speed level.

  • Willpower

Willpower increases your Special Regeneration Rate, which you need to use active skills. So the higher your Willpower, the more often you can use your skills.


Skills (named "specials" in-game) can be divided into three groups and passives aside, they all use your "special charge bar", which gets fully depleted every time you use a skill, but recharges over time.


These are all active skills.

  • Power Strike

Power Strike increases your damage by 66%, 100% and 150%, depending on your Strength level.

  • Regeneration

Regeneration depends on your Endurance level and it, of course, regenerates a portion of your HP per turn, while active. It can save you from using a lot of healing potions.

  • Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye increases both your attack rating and your critical hit chance and it scales up with your Dexterity level-- it's great for builds that lack Dexterity or, if you want to go overkill, for builds that actually focus on Dexterity.

  • Haste

Haste decreases your movement cost by 33%, 45% and 60%, depending on your Speed level, thus giving you the chance to attack more often, move more often and just generally being faster than your enemies.


These are all active skills.

  • Warcry

Warcry is directly tied to your Strength level and, when activated, deals heavy physical damage to all nearby creatures. In addition, there is a percentile chance that those very same creatures will get weakened, reducing their physical damage by 50% for a few turns.

  • Health Boost

Unlike Regeneration, which heals X amount of HP per turn, Health Boost instantly heals an X amount of HP (the exact value is tied to your Endurance level) when activated.

  • Flash

Flash lets you instantly move to any tile in your visible range, allowing you to escape from battles that you know wouldn't have a chance to survive. In addition, Flash can also be used offensively, letting you teleport straight to those ranged enemies that you'd take an eternity to reach otherwise.


  • Adventuring

Adventuring is the first special you'll be able to learn and it increases your chance to find magic items, giving you a 50% magic find bonus. You'll also receive the double amount of gold from gold drops. Adventuring also enables you to swim, giving you access to treasure rooms you'd never be able to reach otherwise.

  • Natural Resistances

Natural Resistances gives you a passive 30% resistance to magic, curse and poison.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • Video Card: DirectX 9.0c
  • RAM: 512MB Memory
  • Processor: 1.6Ghz CPU


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