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Baulson is the first unique leader that the player encounters in the game.

He is a mercenary who used to be into a life of crimes. However, when his sister had her legs shattered by monsters, he swore off his life of crime.

He wears a leather-like helm on his head, giving him a more unique appearance among yamas.

Quest (Baulson)

The quest became available immediately after "A Day's Beginning ".

The player will encounter Baulson in the pub at the city of Athlum. Baulson is hired by an aristocrat to help find back his son. The player will then offer to help Baulson in his search in the gaslin cave, After defeating the bandits that kidnapped the aristocrat's son in the caves, Baulson become immediately recruitable at Athlum's Union of the Golden Chalice.

Parameter Bonus

Like other unique leaders, Baulson's parameter bonus will be accessible after the player had build up enough rapport with him by engaging him in conversation when in the city of Athlum.

Baulson's parameter bonus: 15% HP Boost

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