E3 Trailer & Gameplay footage

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I'm bored so, shameless ripoff of the NeoGAF thread.

If nothing else, watch the E3 Trailer below.


  • E3 Trailer
    Thanks to Blimblim! Gamersyde is awesome. Follow the appropriate links for a direct download, as the stream doesn't do it justice (thanks C- Warrior)

  • Transformations Preview
    Learn new details about the panther, and a few hints about other yet-to-be-revealed transformations.
  • Hideki Kamiya Profile
    Go behind the scenes with Bayonetta's director, as he discusses everything from Okami secrets to Master System/NES debate


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Fuck, look how smooth the gameplay footage looks. 60 fps for the win!

PS: There's "waggle" :D~

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Why does everyone have shitty vision in that game.

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Interview with Hideki Kamiya and Yosuke Hashimoto


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