100+ Things You Have Learned Playing Bayonetta

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It's that time again for everything we learned from the game Bayonetta. Try not to give out any spoilers and have fun.
1. Having guns on your feet is very useful.

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2. All of life's problems can be solved by dodging them (preferably at the last possible moment).

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3. Hair can be used in more advanced ways than just changing it's colour or style.

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4.  Screen tearing can ruin a game for me.

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5. I don't like it.

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6. I like a nice ass.

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7. It's way too Japanese, but don't judge a book by its cover.

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8. Time slows down after you dodge an imcoming attack, not before. Hollywood movies teach us wrong. 
9. You are invincible when you are torturing some one. 
10. Bi...... I mean witches are hairy.  So hairy that they don't need clothe, just like a bitch.
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11. Snakes can be used as whips.

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12. Angles deserver a good spanking 
13. Fly me to the moon aint to shabby j-popified

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14. Missing medals are challenge levels hidden in the chapters.
15. the camera is a bit slow to control....

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@THAfara0: 16. The speed of the camera can be adjusted in the options menu ;)
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17. People are weird. 

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@hakunin: thank you
@Daryl: You mean Japanese people are weird?
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@THAfara0: No.
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18. Torture is fun.

#17 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6651 posts) -

19. DAT ASS!

#18 Posted by Stephen_Von_Cloud (1537 posts) -

20.  Bitch has a dragon in her hair.  Someone get her a brush.

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20. People hate the PS3

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22. Don't play Bayonetta. 

#21 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

23. When blowing into a gold instrument, the result will end in hurting you badly.

#22 Posted by Linkyshinks (11405 posts) -

24.Minge demon

#23 Posted by IanYarborough (166 posts) -

To not fuck with a stripper; you might just get a forty foot long high-heel made of hair up yer backside. You may not like that.

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26. You must dance to tell who is the real Bayonetta and not Joy.

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@Daryl: So your in this camp or didn't you play it at all?  
27. Not for sourpusses that can't look past cultural creative differences and are to young to understand the cultural commentary and references in the game.
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@THAfara0: Nice article.
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28. That i still struggle to subdue my adolescent urges.    
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29. Ice skating can be both a fun diversion and a deadly attack style
30. The angry spirit of a Vietnam vet can be used to blow away angels

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31. hot nuns are actually super hot witches disguised as nuns

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32. Fuuuuuuuuuck yes oh c'mon yeah yeah oh yes like  that ooh fuck

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33.   Mummy is a witch, and witches protect people and are very strong

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34. Japanese games still suffer from bad english dialogues and VO. 
35. The 360 controller is not suited for action adventure games. 

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36. A quick time event will only appear when you take your hand away to scratch your head because shit you just played is that crazy. 
37. In Vigrid, trees spin when you look at them while turning.

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38.  Japanese humor never ceases to amuse me.

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39. Brenda Lee does a great version of "Fly Me to the Moon"

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40. The tight latex suit doesn't look good on everyone. Even with a perfect body - the glasses and that mole just kills it.

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41. Witches aren't always evil.

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42. Putting a hot lady as your main character actually works.

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23. Japanese people are crazy

#40 Posted by sails (3 posts) -
@floodiastus said:
" 23. Japanese people are crazy "
i am with you on that, also
43. No matter what the game or the anime-manga, none of the characters that japanese create resemble themselves, even the slightest bit.
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44. You don't need cardboard to breakdance.

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@Daryl:  Why?
23. When all else fails dress as a nun and whoop ass

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