Any News on PS3 Patch?

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So I heard some murmurs a while ago that SEGA was investigating the PS3 problems and thinking about releasing a patch. I don't know if it was just rumors or what but has anyone heard anything new on the subject? I refuse to buy the game in the condition that it shipped and yet I feel a strong nagging sensation of wanting to own it.

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...patch?   It's a bad port, I don't think a patch will necessarily fix all the problems in the ps3 version.

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I would be surprised if there was a patch that could fix those issues. And if there was, it would probably already exist. Japan has the game for months, so I'm sure they would addressed these issues already if they were going to
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Yeah, I actually questioned it as well. I thought that that must be one massive patch, but there is always hope.

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I also refuse to buy Bayonetta for PS3 in the state it's currently in.  I would consider buying it if a patch came out that fixed it or if they released a fixed version of the game.  I too doubt a patch can really do much to fix the game.

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I have been enjoying the game. (sadly had to return it back to the video store).  I have been checking youtube video of the game and wonder if the Japanese version of the game had the same load issues.  (It seems to run a little bit better.)    Isn 't all PS3 games region free.
 This is first time that I encounter a game that  paused and load when you pick up an inventory item every time.  (Even with these issues I still really like the game.)

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There is a thread somewhere else where someone posted the link that says that Sega isn't going to bother with any patches for the PS3 version. I will try to find it for you.

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Yeah, if it's been this long, I doubt they intend to do anything about it. It's really shitty of them to stiff people like this.

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Yeah so apparently according to Joystiq the patch is coming to the Japanese stores which gives the option to install onto your hard drives. Should remove excessive load times, however the issues I know have from the game aren't from the port...

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Will this also fix the murky and blurry look of the game and the bad framerate or will it just help the load times? 
Someone should post some videos when they have applied the install patch so we can see if it makes a difference at all. It might just be the PS3 hardware and not the disc reading.

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I just booted up the game and i'm downloading the patch now, so I think this thing has gone live in europe too. There's only been news of the japanese patch so it's a nice surprise. The file is 138mb, and then it'll take up a whole lot of other space to actually install it.

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Bayonetta PS3 Patch Made by Sony, Not Sega
Posted on January 28, 2010 by Shak

Yesterday we reported that Sega was releasing a patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Bayonetta, to alleviate load times. Well, it turns out that's not entirely true.

Sega has confirmed that the patch was neither created by them nor Platinum Games, and was instead put together by Sony themselves.

The online update comes in at 135MB in size, and will allow you to install 4.5GB of data to the PS3's hard drive. This is said to improve load times significantly and reduce screen tearing as well.


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I've been playing for a little while now, and yeah, the load times are a lot better. I haven't noticed screen tearing yet, but I wasn't great at noticing it before. Frame rate and colour-wise it's still the same I think.

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So the screen tearing is mostly (or all?) gone?  I can deal with some frame rate slippage (not noticing it as much in my old age, lol), but tearing is horrific.
The load time and tearing were really what killed it for me, if those are mostly gone I can get off the fence and pick this up.
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@Rayeth: Oh I couldn't give you a good answer about the tearing. I didn't even notice the tearing until a few chapters before the end of the game and that was pre-patch. I think I saw it during the cutscenes where the tearing is usually near the top of the screen. I didn't really see it during the gameplay since i'm looking at Bayonetta in the centre of the screen and the surrounding enemies so I can dodge.
It only came out today. I don't have a good eye for this kind of stuff so I don't feel comfortable saying it's not there. Like I said previously, in time there'll probably videos and written breakdowns of how the patch affects performance. Need to let the graphics people do their work and i'm sure they'll be spitting out random numbers in no time.
EDIT: I would take a guess and say the tearing is still there. The patch seems to only sort out the load times, not the moment to moment performance of the game.
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The PS3 patch is now out.  From what I'm to understand, it just pops up a big splash page that says "buy this on the 360 instead".

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I installed it to my PS3 and the load times are much better as they are now on par with the 360. Sadly the frame rate appears to not have changed much.
I have seen one section that had some lag that doesn't have any lag anymore.

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@jakob187 said:
" The PS3 patch is now out.  From what I'm to understand, it just pops up a big splash page that says "buy this on the 360 instead". "
Haha, could you imagine? An in-game message saying "Sorry, but you picked the wrong console to buy this for. The 360 version is much better, and we can't save this bad PS3 port - go buy the better version."
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I haven't played the game, but my brother played it before and after the patch and said it made a huge difference. I'm sure it's still inferior to the Xbox 360 version, but I guess it's more recommendable to those who don't have the option.

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For bayonetta? yes you can install the patch
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So have any more patches come out or is this not worth getting on the PS3?

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