Bayonetta 150 Track OST

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The Bayonetta Original Soundtrack will be released through Wave Master on November 4 in Japan. It's priced at ¥5,000. The OST features150 songs, spanning a full five discs. The soundtrack's booklet will also include commentary on each song by the sound staff and other members of developer PlatinumGames.
A full track list can be found here.


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Hopefully the PS3 version doesn't come out shitty like they've been saying, but I don't have faith in Platinum.

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I think it will turn out fine, the PS3 build they showed off to criticism was at a earlier stage of development in comparison to the 360 one, which has been shown everywhere to appreciation. If it still needs work they should delay, but the game is due out at the end of October in Japan (29th)

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Tracklist where?

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