Bayonetta: 1up Interview and PLAY Magazine info!

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The interview is here(source):


And the info from PLAY Magazine is here(props to GameFaqs member DinsFire03):
-Bayonetta drops F-bombs

-the right shoulder button dodges, by dodging at the last minute, Witch Time is triggered; this activates the purple world that can be seen in the newest trailer.

-you can practice combos during the loading screens; combos are listed on the side of the screen for the weapon you have equipped, and the amount of times you used those combos is listed as well. Loading times do not take long though, but you can opt to stay on the screen longer to practice by pressing a button.

-if you hold down an attack button in the middle of a combo, you'll cancel out the sequence with a flurry of attacks from your chosen limb. If you complete a combo and wait half a beat before tapping a button, you'll execute a deadly hair-fist or hair-boot attack.

-when you pick up an enemies' weapon, you have the option of using two different attacks, which drain the weapons' stamina until it breaks; or you can opt to use the whole stamina bar for a flashy special attack.

-Bayonetta can use her hair fists to lift up cars and throw them at enemies

-Bayonetta can reverse gravity and run up a wall and shift the camera to have that area as the new plane. (This can be seen in the new trailer)

-Kamiya-san predicts a playtime of around 12 hours. But "You'll be shocked at how much content is in there" says Kamiya-san.

-Each chapter of Bayonetta is broken up into 10 verses, with each being roughly two minutes in length. Some verses consist of a series of enemy encounters, a single boss fight, or a mad dash through a crumbling area. Some even allow you to explore, where you can break the surrounding to get items, or simply move on. At the end of each verse, you'll be scored based on how well you fought and how much health you have left, and you'll recieve medals for your score. At the end of the chapter you're medals are tallied and you recieve a statue.

-There are hidden verses within the set ones, these are discovered in many ways. (Think of them as the "secret" levels in the old Mario Bros. games)

-Some verses roll directly into eachother, linked by event scenes that sometimes have QTEs (also seen in the new trailer).

-QTEs appear in event scenes, certain boss fights, and in the "climax moves" used to finish each boss fight.

-Kamiya-san's goal is to create a gameplay experience so deep that it will be impossible to experience everything in one playthrough

-Achievments and Trophies will be linked to the game engine in an interesting way.

-Also, Kamiya-san noted: "Don't think of it as 'There's no DLC for the game,' but more like 'All the DLC is already in the box.'"

And here are the scans for you all:
In conclusion, Bayonetta still looks unbelievably good, and will shotgun-kick the asses of all other games being released this year.

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