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Today I attended Fan Expo in Toronto.  Fan Expo is basically an anime, gaming, sci-fi, horror, and comic convention all in one.  In the gaming section, Sega had a small booth with four consoles set up with Bayonetta.  It was one of the least busiest booths in that section, so I jumped at the chance to try out Bayonetta.  I decided to skip any cutscenes and the tutorial because I just wanted to jump into the action.  As I engaged the first group of enemies, I realized that the game was in fact similar to the Devil May Cry series.   
They both have a lock-on system, similar jumping mechanics, they both use the triggers to switch weapons, and they both have very nice stylish action.  However, Bayonetta is not DMC.  In DMC4, the main attack buttons were shoot, attack, and style move.  In Bayonetta, they are shoot, punch, and kick.  This may seem like a very simple set-up, but combined with combos, special attacks, and other weapons, well, you have yourself one very badass game.  You can even pick up weapons that enemies leave behind and use them for a short period.  I saw some spears, giant morning stars, and even some sort of energy shooting trumpet!  I was also able to pull off a special move, in which I threw my enemy into a torture box.   
In general, Bayonetta is awesome.  It has smooth action, a sexy protagonist, and some ridiculously cool moves.  I can't wait till release!

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Did you get to see the instant-win button? Apparently there is a mode that allows expert combo moves to be completed with a simple button press.

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@ProjektGill: I didn't find that, but when I selected the difficulty, it said "automatic" under the easy setting, I wonder if that's it, or if it's similar to automatic in Devil May Cry.
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This does sound like a really cool game. I just hope it doesn't get overlooked in the slew of other delayed-to-2010 releases.  

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