Bayonetta 360 Demo impressions.

#1 Posted by Raven_Sword (4161 posts) -

Ok, just got done with the demo, and god damn, thats some Bat S*** insanity right there. Not only do you use Torture and Execution devices (like Gullotines and Iron Maidens) but you also use a Giant dog thing to devore the boss. And dont get me started on the clock tower scene, where your jumping from broken piece to Broken piece while falling over a cliff while decemating foes. Its like those Action Cinematics in DMC, except I can actually play them! thats what I like most about the game, you can tell its really inspired by DMC, and those Insane badass cutscenes in those games are now palyable in this. If the game is as good as the demo, than I may just buy it.

And not start any flame wars, but it looked hella better than the Japanese PS3 demo.
#2 Posted by AdamosX2 (64 posts) -

Love the gun art! Reminds me of a movie called Equillibrium. Only in Bayonetta you can shoot with your feet!!       

#3 Posted by CriPPleR (67 posts) -

I love the demo, this game is like playing  a full 3D version of Darkstalkers! Day one purchase for me.

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