Bayonetta Information thread!

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First, lets start out by Collecting Impressions from E3:

Bayonetta's Information Round-up By Rikitatsu

so here it is, Bayonetta Impressions from most of the sites

On Graphics:


“Words cannot describe…” is a phrase often abused in journalism, but seriously, words cannot describe how visually stunning Bayonetta is in full motion. And pay little attention to the screenshots that we currently have of Bayonetta– there are no in-game action shots available yet that really give the gist of what mischief Ms. Bayonetta is up to in each frenzied frame. Hopefully, we’ll have some full-action, in-game shots in the very near future.

Be on the lookout for new screens and more information on Bayonetta. This is one action game that you won’t want to miss."

"We should also mention the game's visuals. The frame rate was consistent and the title was incredibly fast, loading crisp textures and handling the multiple enemies on the screen with ease. All around, we found ourselves to be incredibly impressed with Platinum Games' Bayonetta."


"The setting is very different , the environments are more Holy and catholic, the character Bayonetta walks in beautiful
colorful Flower fields, the Lightning effect of the sun is simply amazing , every flower has its own shadow and the wind is blowing very realistic.. ” Flower ” of Thatgamecompany is looking very similar. It looks better then Devil may cry 4 and the game isn’t even finished. "

Das gamer:
"Overall the game looks gorgeous and it’s original IP"

"Graphically, the look was a mix of DMC and Final Fantasy. Beautifully colored architecture and scenery complimented with breathtakingly detailed enemies. The enemies we got a look at consisted of a smaller crew of three to four and one larger boss. They all had a similar robotic look — halo adorned heads, pure white skin tone, covered with intricate gold colored armor. "

On Melee&guns attacks:
"Bayonetta seamlessly switched from melee, magic, and weapons attacks, and was racking up 40-hit combos on the large goblins. The melee attacks that we saw her dish out included a lot of standard punches and kicks, as well as a sweet-looking multifoot stomp on opponent's chests"

"Bayonetta uses a combat melee system with kicks and punches from the witch as well as using any one of the four guns attached to each of her limbs'

"In terms of moves, they highlighted a few which involved the use of her many guns. The most memorable involved her doing a rotating hand stand with her legs split in different directions. From this position, she spun around, firing rounds from her high heel mounted guns. Yes, I said high heel mounted guns. In addition to the whirlwind of leg launching bullets, she can also suspend herself in mid air and fire successive rounds at a target in what appeared to be some sort of time slowing mode."

"You will be able to shoot in multiple directions simultaneously, however, when I asked how the targeting mechanics worked, they responded by saying that was something they were still in the process of fine tuning."

On Magic attacks:
"Bayonetta also seems to have some sort of magical hair attacks, with her long locks transforming into giant fists and feet to help finish off combos. One magical move that stuck in our mind was the ability to slow down time for a few seconds to deal further punishment to enemies. "

"When Bayonetta performs a special attack -- such as making a giant shoe drop onto an enemy -- it's her hair transforming into that giant shoe. What's more, this hair actually makes up her outfit, which looks like a leather costume under normal circumstances but leaves her body bit by bit as she performs attacks. To finish off the miniboss, her hair actually transforms into a giant monster with a head that looks like a werewolf to bite the enemy in half (Sega tells us this is one of many context-sensitive attacks that will appear depending on which enemy you are fighting). "
"she can also summon things to help her dispatch enemies. She's able to conjure up gigantic fists and feet, mid-combo, to perform a powerful attack that sends those evil jerks reeling"
"One particularly awesome element of the battle system is Bayonetta's ability to summon massive fists and boots using her hair. Yes, that's correct. Her dark locks extend outwards and weave themselves into larger shapes, like forming a massive fist that can uppercut the unsuspecting enemies. From what I could see, she also looked to have an ability to double/triple jump by forming butterfly wings and boosting through the air. If this game has upgradable attributes like Devil May Cry, these moves could be extremely fun to pull off. And I can't forget to mention that she can slow down the game's pacing with Witch Time, which turns everything to a slick monochrome scheme."

"Dodging an enemy initiated a mode they referred to as “Witch Time”, which causes the area around her to dim a bit in color, freezing all nearby enemies, and allowing her to perform more powerful attacks. During this time, we witnessed a few “hair moves” that had everyone laughing in sheer amazement.
The first involved a portal opening and then launching a large boot made of her own twirled hair at several enemies. The presenter said that this move would mimic that of what you are doing with the character, meaning if you are kicking, it will launch a boot — and if you are punching, a giant fist would come flying out of the portal"

"I noticed that as she used her hair for an attack, her outfit seemed to change. When I asked why this was, the team explained to me that Bayonetta’s outfit is actually made of hair, and when she summons that particular spell, her ensemble shrinks significantly
Later on, we saw a more advanced hair attack that took the form of a large black dragon. We were told that her hair attacks are vast and that the surface was not even scratched in the demo"

On summons:
"The game will also feature special finishing moves, some of which summon various exotic torture devices out of thin air to annihilate an enemy. One such move saw a guillotine appear--Bayonetta foot stomped an opponent into the guillotine before hitting the switch to let the device's blade fall. Sega reps tell us the game will feature different finishing moves for various enemies."

"Also, she has the very cool ability to summon specific instruments as fatalities. For example, during the play session, following a combo, she pulled a guillotine out of the ether, placed a monster within it and ... well, you know what happens then. We also witnessed a very cool iron maiden maneuver."
"More great elements of the combat system I saw were the Torture Attacks, which are contextual and based on particular enemies. Bayonetta can summon medieval torture devices to finish off her opponents. During the demo, she kicked one poor angel dude into an iron maiden, which closed on him with devastating results."

Das gamer:

"She can also summon magic torture attacks that seem to come out of her hair. With a flick of her black locks and Iron Maiden will appear and encase an opponent, a massive guillotine will behead them or, for the foot fetishists out there, summon a giant high heel to stomp an angel into the ground."

"Bayonetta also has the ability to summon torture weapons. While attacking one particular creature, she summoned a guillotine, strapped him to it and gave him an S&M style whipping before chopping off his head."

On bosses:
"After the goblins were disposed of, a gigantic boss enemy armed with a two-handed axe appeared out of a portal. Bayonetta had to keep attacking the creature's flanks, given that frontal attacks proved too dangerous. The special finishing move here involved the witch turning her hair into a massive dragon's head, which promptly bit straight into the boss enemy's torso to finish him off. "
"The demo ended when a massive, axe-wielding goliath showed up to challenge everyone's favorite witch. With the face of a cherub, this goliath looked subtly unnerving and made for a good ending boss. Bayonetta continued to use her standard set of moves but I was really impressed at the presentation of some of her dodges. For example, the goliath swung its axe horizontally across the whole stage and when Bayonetta dodged properly, she would do a butterfly flip over the axe while the scene briefly slowed down to highlight the action. It's a great effect and worked really well.
Bayonetta managed to emerge victorious by using her hair to summon a huge dragon, which promptly devoured the giant in a few hefty bites. "

Das gamer
"Inaba also showed off a brief boss battle against a 40-foot behemoth with vestigial Cupid-style wings, gold halos pierced through its spine and the head of a baby angel. To top it off it looked like it was made out of stone. After a short battle Bayonetta finished the critter off with more hair magic, summoning what a Sega PR rep referred to as a dragon but looked a little more like a big, black Yorkie"

"The second took place during what appeared to be some sort of boss or min boss fight. Bayonetta was hammering away at the gold plated creature, knocking away layers of armor with each series of hits she successfully landed. Suddenly, she switched from firing, and unleashed a giant dragon made from her own hair at the target. The dragon spun up from behind the enemy, taking it by surprise, and then dove head first into its mid section to finish it off."

On other Interesting things:

"Behind closed doors at E3, Sega revealed a short section of a level where Bayonetta -- the character -- ran through what looked like a cathedral into an outdoor area with holographic-looking civilians walking around. According to Sega representatives, these are characters that exist in an alternate dimension who can't see you, but can see the destruction you cause. Clearly, this will play into the game's story, but we don't know much about how at this point. "

"As the demo truly began, I observed Bayonetta run through a large corridor that was reminiscent of a chapel's architecture, with a high ceiling and elaborate windows. Faded ghosts traversed the halls of the corridor and I was told that these ghosts were actually just the "reflections" of humans in the real world, considering how Bayonetta is currently wandering a different plane of existence. Good to know.
The corridor soon emerged into a large courtyard bathed in sunlight. Once she reached the center structure, choir music began to play and hundreds of flowers began to bloom around the courtyard grounds. After the scenery had changed, and with an appropriate adjustment in the musical score, a small group of heavenly creatures descended to the ground, bearing brilliant white wings and lances of some kind. In a moment fitting of a true badass, the camera zoomed in on Bayonetta's face as she adjusted her glasses with the barrel of her gun. Commence battle"

"Enemies will also drop their weapons, which means Bayonetta can temporarily modify her move set and perform some flashy martial arts techniques with the creatures' stuff. Upon defeating an opponent, they'll drop "halos" which are treated as the game's currency. This is a clear indication that you'll be able to purchase better weapons/moves down the line, which -- I think -- generally strengthens action titles."

"The best part is that all the while Bayonetta is wreaking havoc, butterflies emerge from her footsteps, her blood blooms flower and similarly strange juxtaposed elements pop up. "

On music:

"as soon as Bayonetta dropped into battle, a J-pop song with full vocals played, making the whole thing feel a bit like a Final Fantasy trailer."
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EGM Feature: 25 things You need to know about Bayonetta:

• The names of Bayonetta's guns are Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.Together, they're known as Scarborough Fair.

• Enemies drop weapons, which Bayonetta can pick up and use for a limited time.One of this is a tuba, wich functions as a bazooka.

• When Bayonetta jumps or double-jumps, gossamer butterfly wings temporarily sprout from her back.When she lands, dozens of tiny butterflies appear at her feet.

• Bayonetta's outfit isn't actually leather despite the stitching you see in the CG art - It's magical hair that covers her entire body, and it's used in her attacks.The most powerful ones render her almost completely nude.

• Similar to how Devil May Cry used red orbs, Bayonetta features angel halos as currency, wich you use to power up your weapons, unlock skills, or buy items.

• When Bayonetta fires her guns, the bullets ricochet off walls, causing additional damage to nearby enemies.

• Bayonetta's most powerful attacks summon a giant, smoky dragon or a giant, smoky stiletto heel out of the sky to stomp on her enemies.But again, it's not smoke that surrounds these summons - It's a hair.So, yes, that dragon is a giant, slithering hair dragon, and that stiletto heel is a giant, sexy hair boot.You have to enter specific button commands in order to summon the hair monster, though, adding an element of skill.

• When one of these powerful summons exits the area, it's punctuated by the appearence of purple sparkles.

• Control comes in the form of a shoot button, a punch butto, and a kick button.But you can purchase others, stronger combinations.

• Bayonetta uses "Witch Time" - Bayonetta's sense become especially accute, and the environment (and enemies) around her slows down.

• Sometimes, an onscreens button prompt appears during combats, wich means it's time to mash buttons in order to inflict extra damage on an enemy.Tapping the button fast enough results in over-the-top supermoves - such as guillotinedropping from the sky on your enemy (with predictable results) - called Torture Attacks.

• Bayonneta ahs a spinning jump attack that fires her guns in 360 degrees.She can also perform a handstand and aim the guns on her feet at enemies.

• Bayonneta also wields a katana, but Platinum Games won't reveal the name yet.You can charge this blade for a more powerful attack, which causes a heart to appear on the pommel.The heart beats as you charge it up, and dark fumes billow from the sword.

• More weapons will be added and revealed closer to the game's release.Each weapon has a monster spirit, which makes it stronger, and the context of the combat situation dictates which hairy summon appears.

• Miniboss battle: Angelic foe at the end of Big Little City zone.It's got some huge attacks courtesy of its giant two-handed ax - and this baddie pauses for a dramatic split second with every swing.Luckily, Bayonetta can jump over these attacks with or without Witch Time.Humorously, the giant miniboss has pathetically tiny angel wings, gold piercings, and the requisiet angel's halo.

• A fine mist covers the ground during the miniboss battle, designed to create a "holy atmosphere".The battle ends with an onscreen button prompt, which summons a giant hair dragon who bites the angel miniboss in half.

• The reward for besting this miniboss is a gold record with the descriptor "Angel Singing Voice" but we're not sure whether it unlocks a music track or some other feature.

• Bayonetta has a huge chain and sickle that she uses for both ground-based and airbone attacks.

• The right trigger button on the Xbox 360 controller shoots.Yuo can equip all four guns at once, or you can opt to swap out the pistols in her hands with the sword and use the guns on her feets as well.Certain weapons are specifically designed to be equipped on her hands, feet, or both.

• Bayonetta has been in development stages for a year and half - work started a little after Okami shipped.

• As Bayonetta attacks the enemy angel forces, she breaks of layers of their outer armor.

• What we saw of Bayonetta Resembles Devil may cry in a lot of ways --- which Kamiya certainly acknowledges..."That part i showed you, the part i can talk about" he says. "is the most boring part of the game" He promises that future stages will open the doors on the action, the Final stage (which we saw but can't talk about) is truly epic and it goes a long way towards supporting Kamiya claims

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Thanks for the write-up!

I hope we'll see more of the game at TGS :)

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Awesome write up Rikitatsu!

Can't wait for this, I don't have any doubt that it will be an amazing game, especially when Kamiya said that he thinks it's his best yet. :D

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Thank you for the wealth of info.

Sounds like a very interesting game.
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Sounds promising. Looking forward to see more about it.

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Thanks for the info.  This game sounds pretty amazing.

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Scans from some magazine, pretty bad quality but it's something:

It is supposed to be appearing at TGS, on Sega's website it reads (Google translate): "At the Tokyo Game Show, Kamiya, director of public spirited and is the world's first video. Please, please stay tuned!" first ingame video perhaps? If anyone who knows moonspeark could translate this that would be nice.

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Cribba said:
"It is supposed to be appearing at TGS, on Sega's website it reads (Google translate): "At the Tokyo Game Show, Kamiya, director of public spirited and is the world's first video. Please, please stay tuned!" first ingame video perhaps? If anyone who knows moonspeark could translate this that would be nice."
I think this is it, translated:

"Sega’s announced its line-up for TGS. Doesn’t look like too much of a shock.

Yakuza 3, though. Thanks Siliconera.

PlayStation 3

  • Yakuza 3
  • Bayonetta
  • Sonic Unleashed


  • 428
  • Bleach Versus Crusade
  • The Arrangement of Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Sonic Unleashed
  • Samba de Amigo

Xbox 360


  • Sonic Unleashed


  • Mystery Dungeon Shiren the Wanderer DS 2: Demon Castle in the Desert
  • Phantasy Star Zero
  • Infinite Space
  • Seventh Dragon
  • Shining Force Feather
  • Culdcept DS
  • Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Blazer Drive
  • World Destruction
  • Saka Tsuku DS Touch and Direct
  • Kaite Oboeru Doragana


  • Garnet Chronicle / Crimsongem Saga
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva
  • Phantasy Star Portable


  • internet Adventure (iA)"

"I just wonder if I will be able to continue this tradition with Platinum's games. I hope so, to do so they will have to continue to create games of high quality. This and MadWorld look just that."
They will keep up the quality, for sure, no worries. ;)
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Looks pretty interesting so far, though can't say much until I see some gameplay..I hope Yakuza 3 doesn't take that long to get to the US either, really like those games and one on the PS3 would be great.

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brukaoru said:
"Cribba said:
"It is supposed to be appearing at TGS, on Sega's website it reads (Google translate): "At the Tokyo Game Show, Kamiya, director of public spirited and is the world's first video. Please, please stay tuned!" first ingame video perhaps? If anyone who knows moonspeark could translate this that would be nice."
I think this is it, translated:

"Sega’s announced its line-up for TGS. Doesn’t look like too much of a shock.

Hmm, posted the wrong url, meant this one.
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Thanks for all the info. Just the idea of Platnium Games making their own DMC-esque game is mindblowing. I've already watched the TGS trailer about 30 times now...and im impressed by the insane gameplay every time.

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