British-Born Singer Michi Will Sing The Theme Song

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Sega have announced that British born singer MiChi will be performing the game's theme song - Something Missing. This is an original theme song which was written after the artist played Bayonetta. MiChi has stated that this is the first time she's written the theme song for a video game commercial, but that she got ample inspiration by meeting with the development staff, which made her think "Wow... this really is more than just a game." 

The commercial that will feature MiChi's theme song is currently in production. Sega have also said to expect a variety of other promotions connected to the release of PlatinumGames second game.

 Kamiya's Bayonetta hits Japan on October 29. 
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Dunno about this, well it is her style that is mostly bothering me (i must add that i'm not at all familiar with her repertoire). Granted the game is not out yet but from the trailers I've got the impression that the soundtrack is mostly jazz and funk . A pop songmight be a bit out of place if indeed I'm right about the rest of the soundtrack.  Well guess we'll see how this song and the rest of the soundtrack will turn out soon enough.

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" Okay. "
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Not sure if i really like it. It is not bad  but I don't think it is anything special either, I would almost say that it sounds a bit like a generic J-Rock/Pop song. I have only listened to it once so far so perhaps it will grow on me when i listen to it more which is quite common for me when it comes to music.
I suppose that the actual footage used by the person who created this clip might be spoilerish so you might want to just turn it on and not look at it like i did.
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I felt the same about the Genki Rockets, and look how that turned out :) 
It's alright, it is a commercial theme song, The fact is the game itself features some fantastic in game music from what I've heard already,  I really like the music in the demo's prologue level, I don't know who the J-pop artist is but it sounds cool and suits the gameplay well.
 The OST that's being released at the end of the month (or next) will be as big as the Okami one in size. 
I do like the "spark that joint" bit at the start.    

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The theme song doesn't really sound that great or anything, its pretty much generic J pop. 

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