Does the PS3 version's problems discourage you from trying it?

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What problems are you necessarily talking about?

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Not flaming. I'm just curious to everyone reactions.
Some sites have already given gaps in review scores for the excessive load times and the slowdown. What are everyone's thoughts?

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@busted1der said:
" Not flaming. I'm just curious to everyone reactions.  Some sites have already given gaps in review scores for the excessive load times and the slowdown. What are everyone's thoughts? "
Ohhhh ok I know what you mean. I understand. There are some games that are simply better on every other system then the PS3 such as the Orange Box, I actually do completely agree. I think more developers are beginning to understand the programming on a PS3 more though thankfully
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Yep, I would have bought it for my PS3 if it wasn't for that half-assed port by Sega. Oh well, my Xbox needs more games on it anyway.

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Yes. Screw the graphics - but an inconsistent framerate in a video game comprised mostly out of batshit crazyfast action is basicly killer for that game.

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the answer is yes.

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I'm not sure, I'd like to see more about the differences between the two. 

Of course, if I had a X360 I'd definitely would've bought it for that. But now it all depends how bad this version is. If the biggest part is shitty loading times and worse graphics than the X360 version, I can live with that and would take the bad with the good to enjoy this game. If the gameplay really suffers though, I wouldn't buy it, but wait until there's more incentive for me to get a X360.

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Since I have a 360, of course not..I just won't be playing it on the PS3.

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Absolutely not at all. I figure if you've only got a PS3 the game is still good enough on the system to be enjoyable.
I had no real issues with the demo.

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I did not notice anything wrong with the demo... 
Load times are a pain but sufferable., and i only have a ps3 with two dead 360s before hand. 
So no.

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If I was put in a situation where I could get the game and play it on either a 360 or a PS3 I'd go for the 360 version based on what I've heard.

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You're hating on SEGA? I'd be hating on Platinum Games... they were more concerned with getting the 360 one out... SEGA and SONY had to go back and try and FIX the PS3 port. 
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I would have bought it for the ps3 if I had any desire of buying it, but I don't. I don't see why this game is getting so much attention.

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@Enigma2099: If you trace back that news story about Sony helping Sega, you'll find that the actual source is a poorly translated French page. I'm not doubting a patch will come later down the line, I just wouldn't expect it anytime soon.
Anyway, I bought the PS3 version because my 360 broke and I'm not in a rush to fix it soon. Honestly, if I didn't watch all the comparison videos or hear all the harsh criticisms, I wouldn't have noticed the issues.
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Despite the poor PS3 porting, I wouldn't have gotten it anyways. I never liked games that introduce a 70's timeline as a plot base.

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You had no issues with the demo because you were cheated by Sega not including the Falling Clock Tower level, with very good reason - it looks like shit.  

The FPS in this game is absolutely vital for the game to maintain it's excellent gameplay, there's way too much going on in this game to have to endure terrible frame dips that distort your ability to read the game and act accordingly. The combat demands a rock solid FPS, something that even the 360 version cannot provide throughout. There's also the issue of woefully long loading screens which break the intensity and flow of the game too harshly on PS3. 
As far as external polish is concerned, textures in places seem worse than those that can be found in the best PS2 games. The lighting so dark and murky in places it gives the game a totally different atmosphere on PS3. Blurry undefined edges mean some of the most visually awesome moments are simply not going to be appreciated by Sony PS3 users to the same degree.  
I've played it, I know first hand how well it compares to the 360 game. The experience is sadly diminished.
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@Linkyshinks: Right, but I'm not going to not play it for any of those reasons. Even publications that are scoring the two versions differently are pitching the PS3 in the 8's, so even if it is fucked it's obviously still fun.
Yeah, it's diminished, but I'm not going to buy an XBOX 360 because SEGA fucked up the port -- just like I wouldn't buy an XBOX 360 if it was exclusive.
I also disagree that the demo looked like a PS2 game, and I've been privvy to the God Of War III demo and Uncharted 2. Perhaps the full game is worse than the demo, but again, I can only judge what I play. And I won't be playing with a video of the XBOX 360 version sitting next door.
So in answer to the TC's topic; the issues haven't discouraged me from trying it. Whether they'll taint my actual opinion of the game - that's both SEGA and Platinum's fault for not handling the port in the right way as far as I'm concerned.
"If a job's worth doing..." and all that.
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Well it's obviously still perfectly playable. 
I didn't say it looked like a PS2 game dude, only that in places, textures are so poor you'll find better looking one's on PS2's finest games. 
I'm on Sony users side here, as a fan I consider it a terrible shame that one version is deficient as this one is, and gives a lesser experience to player - I think that's wrong and inexcusable despite the rumoured development process that may have caused it. (-Eurogamer have an article)  
The fact is, Sega, if they had invested sufficiently in the project, could have made a port very close to par with the 360 lead game.  
Hopefully enough users will kick up a fuss and force a sizable patch, I say sizable because that's what would be needed. 
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It was they game that made me interested in a HD console. Not that much of a fan of the 360 (additional costs and reliability) so i wanted to get a  PS3 with this game. Guess i'll just go and yell at Civ 4 some longer.

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@Rallier said:
" It was they game that made me interested in a HD console. Not that much of a fan of the 360 (additional costs and reliability) so i wanted to get a  PS3 with this game. Guess i'll just go and yell at Civ 4 some longer. "
You should definitely still get a PS3 and this game regardless of it's issues, dude.  
It would be a sound move to opt for a PS3 when you do go HD, there's too many additional expenses with 360. 
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@Linkyshinks: I agree. It would be nice to see a patch with at least some of the issues resolved. For goodwill if nothing else.
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I love how Lemon and Dan mentioned this problem in the QotW this week.

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Yes, it's totally discouraging me. I might just rent it later on.

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