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Anyone who fears that games are becoming too easy and dumbed down don't need to look any further than Bayonetta to eliminate their concerns. Beating this game isn't easy. What's worse is trying to beat a level with a platinum trophy. A few days ago I decided to to get platinum trophies for all the chapters (on Normal) because I hear you can unlock Jeanne for your trouble.
The problem is that the scoring system in this game has me at a loss. I thought I had it figured out until my most recent playthrough where I managed to get  7 out of 9 platinum medals on City of Deja Vu and got a... gold trophy for my final score. What? What kind of average is this game running? I've gotten worse scores on Angel's Metropolis and still managed to get a Platinum Trophy. Now I'm not sure what criteria is most important. Combos? Time? Damage Taken? A combination of all three?
Does anyone know how the game scores Platinum trophies? I would be nice to figure out what I'm doing wrong here.

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Its time, combo's, and deaths that are taken into account if i remember rightly.  Are you going for Platinum or Pure Platinum.  a ton of them are mad easy to get but there are a few total motherfuckers especially the space harrier level. 
Also Items used.
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It has a lot to do with the optional verses in each chapter.  The Alfheim Portals and the hidden enemies will often impact your score more than just getting a gold or silver somewhere in the middle.  You can still get a platinum and skip a few verses, but if you pass up more than about two, your chances of getting a Platinum pretty much go out the window.  Also important to note that a Pure Platinum technically doesn't seem to improve upon your final score any more than a normal Platinum.
Also, yes, you can get Jeanne.  It's awesome.  And way more difficult than playing as Bayonetta.

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I dont think the Alfheims make that much of a difference as I'm pretty certain the stuff you do in them doesn't count towards your overall score. The optional chapters in some missions however do.
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The chapter score always seemed to be based more on the medals I got for each verse than the total score at the end of a chapter.  I could be wrong, but I've managed to get Platinum trophies on all but a few chapters now and it seems to be working for me.
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All verses affect the chapter trophies, including Alfheims. And combo score, time and damage taken are equally important.

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I'm unsure about damage as I have had the shit beaten out of me on certain stages only to get a gold or a platinum at the end of the stage. The Alfheims Cannot be important, I got a lot of Platinum trophies before I even attempted a single Alfheim.
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@Make_Me_Mad:  How does playing as Jeanne differ from Bayonetta?
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Witch Time can only be activated for Jeanne through use of the Bat Within - Moth Within for Jeanne - or by blocking with the Moon of Maha-Kala.
Jeanne can dodge infinitely, unlike Bayonetta who will flip and pose after dodging for the fifth time.
Jeanne takes 1.5 times more damage than Bayonetta - I haven't played as Bayonetta in a long time, so I'm not positive that this one is true, but it seems about right.
Jeanne deals 1.5 times more damage with Wicked Weave attacks - this one is definitely true.  Jeanne is a goddamn wrecking machine.
Jeanne's weapons, Taunts, and Shadow, while all functioning the same as Bayonetta's, are graphically different.  Her weapons also have altered names and backstories, including all but two of the bonus secret weapons.
Jeanne starts the game with Moth Within, and can later buy the transformations to match Bayonetta - namely, Lynx (Panther) and Owl (Crow) Within.
On a Platinum or Pure Platinum, Jeanne will get a trophy of herself instead of Bayonetta.
Jeanne can't buy the Umbran Elegance costume add-ons, but she can get the Couture Bullet sets after clearing the game.
Jeanne has a unique Super-Hero alter ego costume, Cutie-J.  It doesn't do anything but look outstanding.
There's probably some more that I'm forgetting, but that should cover most of it.
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Okay. Thanks everyone. I guess I just need to keep trying (which what I was afraid of). Do you think that doing the Alfheims would help getting a Platinum by throwing in more medals that the game has to take account of? That was my plan at least. the Alfheims I've done so far aren't so bad.

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