Have you had any trouble finding Bayonetta?

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I just came back from Gamestop after Pre-Ordering Mass Effect 2 CE. If I go on about how excited I am, this whole thread will be full of YESSSSS AHHHA YEJFKDSJAL YEAAA ME@@@@ 2222@@!!!! MASSS EFFECT 222!!!! 
Mass Effect 2 (!) aside, I asked the girl if they had any copies of Bayonetta because there weren't any on the shelves. She said that they didn't and it was selling like crazy - they were expecting Darksiders to sell like mad, but instead Bayonetta is. I asked her more about it and she said it was exactly the same way with Borderlands, the way it was hard to find and was selling out everywhere from the good news people hear from others. So I went to some Blockbusters, HMVs... even a Toys R' Us - all sold out. Not only that, she said they had no idea when they'd be getting some in. She also told me that she bought the PS3 version and she wishes she had gotten the 360 version because of the load times for the menus and that she wished that she could tell people not to get the PS3 version but she would probably get fired :P I lol'ed at a Gamestop employee saying this.
Any other people having trouble finding this? 

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If that's really how it is out there, good on Sega and Platinum. Maybe it's a case of stores not being confident enough with it in the first place, thus not ordering as much to begin with? And then the absolute deluge of critical acclaim that not a lot seemed to have called even just a couple of months ago started hitting, or at least that 10/10 from Edge kind of came out of nowhere.

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Got mine that day it came out and it was the last one at Gamestop. Well for the PS3, not sure about the 360.

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