I need one more Broken Witch Heart and I can't find it.

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This is for the people that have gotten all the BWHs (Broken Witch Hearts).  I only need one more BWH but here is the funny thing, I have the "Treasure Fanatic" achievement.  I followed a guide to get the Treasure "Fanatic" achievement so I find it really weird.  Should I look for the BWHs that are NOT located in chests?  HERE is the guide that I used.  I want to get all the BWHs so Infinite Climax Mode will be easier for me and that's the last achievement I need for the game.  Any suggestions?
EDIT:  NEVER MIND!  Apparently I missed the second one on Highway 666 and I just got this.   Well, this thread is useless now.  I guess we could lock it or keep it open for other users that need help.

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Well if you still need some (and you might), you get two for each of the battles

  The trick to getting them is that of the 3 enemies you face here, you have to finish the last one off with a torture attack.
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@JJOR64: I's funny, that was the last one I needed too. I missed it on my first and second playthroughs :P

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