Is anyone else really put off by the sex thing?

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Let's just agree that it's debatable, because frankly I've had jack of the conversation. It's going in circles.  What you do or don't with the information that you share regarding your personal life and the lives of others is really up to you.  Personally, I would never use a persons awful experiences in any way to relate my understanding of certain things up for debate on a public form.  Yes I mentioned my mother had been a psychologist, but that was to accent why I was offended and not a supportive crutch to that justify such offense and in no way to mention anything remotely personal in doing so.  
You brought the word rape into what had been prior a rather humorous discussion, then personalised it (with no need I might add, which is very indicative that your argument was tenuous, it's something that people do when they feel they've painted themselves into a corner) and that you then follow that up by bringing media effects theory into this discussion are things that I think, while relevant, are not in total context.  Not only that, but they are your cornerstone from which you seem to enjoy lecturing at me from and while I'm happy to joust and laugh and even be a mite serious, there's a world of difference between that and what you're doing.  If you really want a discussion where we can actually meet half way, stop trying to ignore my examples of sexual objectivity which are indeed valid, because it becomes a one way conversation otherwise.  Sexual objectification is a fact of life and no amount of navel gazing (male or female <- this is a joke in case you missed it) will change the world or the basic desires of people in it.  We all want company and sexual congress and the majority of humanity has been able to achieve both quite harmlessly for thousands of years.  We've also not been harmed by naked and sexual imagery.  What we are harmed by these days, in my opinion, is the ever increasing speed at which we race down the slippery slope of destroying our own civil liberties, methods and uses of creativity and enjoyment "for the betterment of everyone".  This I believe is one of those times where FUD is just a means by which some people who don't like this game's choice of expression use attack the game's content and then so it becomes unfairly aligned with things that bare an extremely tenuous relation to it.    
I can see that you're bothered by it but you seem unable to recognise the humor and other side to the discussion and no matter which approach I've tried you seem to get more defensive at every turn.
Look, it's indeed true that some people who are already, let's say, troubled might be more influenced by suggestive media to commit crimes, but we're not talking about those people.  We're talking about you and what you find offensive and have a problem with.  You're not one of those troubled people are you?  If we can assume you're not, then I think it's safe to say that the censors who would've looked at this game when rating and classifying it as safe for sale would've done their homework and saw Bayonetta's overt sexuality for what it is, ridiculous hyper satire.  For you to try and play the "oh what about the children, who cares for the children, we must think about the children" or in this case, troubled people and would be rapists card is stultifying.  You started at the male gaze and when I responded in good humour, you up the ante with rape potential all while ignoring and attempting to nullify what I had to say.  
When someone links video which is from a well known comedy movie, and says it's important that we not forget the value of humour that is responding in good humour.  When they talk about a vagina faced creature as a sexual object, even though it's a valid argument, it's also in good humour.  When the tone is light that reflects good humour.  If I state my opinion and that your bringing the subject of lust filled rape into a humourous conversation about a censor cleared over the top, filled with parody, game that it reminds me of televangelists, that doesn't make the nature of my statements any less humourous or good willed.  And definitely not less tongue in cheek.  You know who's scared of Harry Potter and Pokemans??  Televangelists.  Why?  Because they worry for the children son! So when you go from feminist perspective theory to lust and rape to up the ante, you actually do sound to my ears kinda like them. Deal with it  If that to you is a personal attack then don't share your theories with the world, because you can be damn sure someone somewhere will call you out on them.
I'm done.

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@JoshLarson said:

" To me Bayonetta is just a female version of the game series Cho Aniki "

I guess you're right there.
Except I think Cho Aniki's kind of funny and weird, but Bayonetta's kind of weird and annoying.
Maybe I'm gay.
 @FireBurger said:

" Yeah, it's creepy and pathetic. Better question would be: "Does anybody actually like it?" "

That's what I thought, but apparantly like half the people in this thread like it.
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No, I think it adds to the over the top style of the game that the developers were going for with the game and it has great gameplay so I'm not bothered by it.

#104 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19834 posts) -

Umm... Bayonetta's character designer is a female.  Just so you guys know that.

#105 Posted by Shirogane (3612 posts) -
That actually explains alot. She's got that weird tall noodly look. It kinda freaks me out. Part of my uncanny valley i guess. 
Also, her personality serious annoys me.
#106 Posted by Shirogane (3612 posts) -
That actually explains alot. She's got that weird tall noodly look. It kinda freaks me out. Part of my uncanny valley i guess. 
Also, her personality serious annoys me.
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"Capcom" - you seem to know fuck all about this game,  


Do you hear such nonsense form the people in your vicinity /age group etc?.  I ask because I've yet to hear or see such an immature opinion about any of the nudity in the game until reading your sentence..  
In answer to the topic, no, all the nudity in the game is perfectly fitting given the games story and style. It's also far from exploitive, Bayonetta isn't the archetypical dumbed down big boobed female character that you may be used to, she is in fact a strong female lead who's in charge, and in turn her own sexuality. which she chooses to flaunt with confidence.  
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So yeah, this game was made by Platinum Games, the same company that made God Hand for the PS2.  Look it up if you've never heard of it, cause its effin crazy but really fun.  Thats all I'm getting from Bayonetta, awesome gameplay mixed with crazy ape-shit stuff going on.  The sexual nature is so over the top that its meant to be absurd just for the point of being absurd.  Still dont really notice any problems on the PS3 demo either, but maybe its just me.

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I dunno. It's one of the reasons I'll be unable to get that game, but it's not because I have a problem with it. It doesn't bother me, because I thought that was supposed to be the game's shtick. As soon as one of my parents sees a naked woman on the screen, never mind which angle, I'm a sex offender.

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I think it adds to the style of craziness. Her suit is made of hair and can come off, transform into a dragon, and chomp on enemies!

#111 Posted by Godlyawesomeguy (6421 posts) -

Ther e is no sex in the first place, and even if there was, who cares? There isnt even that much nudity, and even if there was, who the hell gets bothered by that?  I find it awesome but in this game, it is awesome and over the top.
#112 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

I wasen't at all bothered with it.
Yes it is over the top, but not THAT much.

#113 Posted by Jost1 (2226 posts) -

I thought I'd be bothered by it but it's just hilarious.

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#115 Posted by Mikemcn (7857 posts) -

Im not really supportive of girls who wear clothes made of their own hair
#116 Posted by wfolse1 (473 posts) -

I really don't understand how people find it "embarassing".  It's overtlly and insanely sexual but that is absolutely the point.  Bayonetta's assertive sexuality is as integral to the character as her fighting prowess is.  These two aspects of her character compliment each other very well IMO.

#117 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

I kinda like the overall insanity of the game.  I don't think it's so much a, "DOOD, LOOKS!  DIS GAME HAVE BOOBS!" so much as it's trying to be like, "Hey look.  We basically tried to make this game as insane as possible".

#118 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -

Saw this on another forum. Thought it was pretty funny. Decided to post it here.
#119 Posted by twylo (29 posts) -
@TheFreeMan: Haha, the old Kansas City shuffle.  
I'm not exactly sure where one would masturbate, whenever her clothes come off I'm too busy mashing the button to multiply her combo.  That doesn't leave much time to notch myself in between.  I feel like they should have included an optional download where she actually gets naked, then the options for her torture attacks would be awesome.  Her axe wound full of spikes, her titty fuck of death, etc. etc.
#120 Posted by Toxin066 (3431 posts) -
@TheFreeMan: I don't get it. Is the comic trying to say that Bayonetta uses partial nudity to cover up for terrible gameplay? If so, that is the wrongest thing I've ever heard. 
#121 Posted by TheFreeMan (2712 posts) -
@Toxin066 said:
" @TheFreeMan: I don't get it. Is the comic trying to say that Bayonetta uses partial nudity to cover up for terrible gameplay? If so, that is the wrongest thing I've ever heard.  "
I think it's trying to say that Bayonetta doesn't have terrible gameplay, it's just that some people focus on the sexuality moreso than the actual gameplay portion (the sexuality negatively or positively).
I actually thought the joke was kinda funny.

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