Should I really not get this game on PS3.

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I mean, for these kinda games, I perfer the DS3, but ive just been hearing so many bad things and negativity towards the PS3 version, that it seems to be taboo to get it on PS3. Its really like 2007 all over again as far as ports go. Is it really that bad? does it really look alor worse? Should I just get it on 360?  
And is this indicative to the quality of current multiplats these days on both consoles?
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I'd say all the negative comments towards the PS3 version are highly exaggerated. But even so, if that bothers you so much then get the 360 version.

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The difference isn't nearly as bad as people claim.

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we'll probably have to wait until release to find out for sure. but famitsu's ps3 review was like a 38/40, and the 360 version was a 40/40, so clearly if there are differences, they're not huge.

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If you have a "choice" then go with the best one.
That being the Xbox 360. (facts, not opinions)

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so are Multiplatform games usually like this anymore? or is this a rare case?
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Does the PS3 look a bit worse?  Yes.  Is it that big of a deal?  No.  Basically, if both versions are easily within reach, go ahead, take the 360 version.  But don't don't bend head over heels for one or the other because the difference is honestly not that great.

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There is a video posted somewhere on this board that compares the two versions directly, side by side. You can see that the PS3 version is very blurry, has some framerate issues and the textures are a little blander. But if you only have a PS3, I don't think it would be that bad at all because it's not like you're going to be looking at the 360 version on a TV right beside your own. If you do have a 360 though, I'd say get it for that. It looks much more clear and smooth, which is (I find) important for this type of game.

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