Space Harrier tribute in Bayonetta was cool

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Yop. I forget which chapter it is, but my friend was playing it. The shooting level is pretty much Space Harrier
Linked and video for those who don't know Space Harrier. 

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It sure was.

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never heard of space harrier, but I liked the shooting part yes.

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Check the first post. Edited for you.
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thanks m8, awesome!

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Yea, it's awesome.  

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@amir90 said:

" never heard of space harrier, but I liked the shooting part yes. "

Ahhhhh never heard of it!!! 
I feel old...
#8 Posted by amir90 (2243 posts) -

awesome m8!
Thanks for sharing

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Yeah the tune is fucking sweet man. I've had this sweet MIDI version of it that I've never been able to find, but I've had on my computer(s) for years.
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Thinking about it, Bayonetta was full of little tributes to SEGA. For example, the rings you collected were just like from Sonic and even the bike level played like the one from mad-world.

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