Well, just finished the game...

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and this is by far the craziest, most over the top Rediculous, satisfying as all hell game ive ever played.  well, that last part may be just the Adrenaline talking, but God damn bro, this is is good. theyre are sooooo     many things id like to talk about, but I would be spoiling it for people who havent played it yet. lets just say, theyre were multiple "you cant be serious" and "LOL, WTF did I just do" moments. I literally laughed out loud at some of the moments and things I saw.  Plus, theres some nice Video game tidbits in there, a nice little mock.
This took pretty much everything I loved about DMC,and Refined it and shined it up to a mirror shine. You know those crazy cutscenes you saw in DMC? well, you can actually control that kind of Bat S*** insanity in this game.  
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That didn't take long :/

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game isnt that long really, espeacially if you play it on Easy.
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Well said ^^ 
Good luck with Hard ;P

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@turbomonkey138 said:
" That didn't take long :/ "
Well, there are two or more possibilities. It is possible that he deliberately skimmed through the game just to bitch about it here.
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I could copy and paste this topic and say the same thing. I am dead serious. This reaction is what you´ll get after finishing Bayonetta.

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@Symphony: How is hard is Hard? I am up to playing through Chapter VI now on Normal and I wouldn't say so far that it's put up too much of a challange. And I think it would be fair to say I am only using combat tactics lightly thus far with no sign of hitting a wall. But I am thinking if I am going to do a replay after I might amp up the difficulty some.
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Hearing you guys get so excited over this game makes wish I could do the same. This game just doesn't click with me. :(

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Enemies are a lot more aggressive and the order and number of them are switched up. You fight Grace & Glory on the first level, for example.
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@Raven_Sword said:
" @turbomonkey138: game isnt that long really, espeacially if you play it on Easy. "
Bayonetta on easy? For shame!
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" @Raven_Sword said:

" @turbomonkey138: game isnt that long really, espeacially if you play it on Easy. "
Bayonetta on easy? For shame! "
In my opinion its the perfect start off point. I´m now playing through it a 2nd time. This time on normal. And I feel way more confident I can pull off the pretty drastic ramp up in difficulty. Also I actually think the automatic combat of Easy has a charm of its own. You feel so extremely pro even if you aren´t. Its a sensation to play it on easy in its own way.

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