What music genre does "Let's Dance Boys" belong to exactly?

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I'm having quite some trouble putting my finger on what genre this song actually is. Probably some kind of jazz  but I'm not all that sure which one. 

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I think the fundamental flaw here is that you're trying to categorize something from Bayonetta, a game which is "fucking ridiculous", according to reputable sources. 
It's catchy as hell, though.

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It is an enjoyable occupation though.
edit platimun's site isn't helping

 1. A nice up-tempo beat.
2. To express the idea of femininity, I used “beautiful” instruments like pianos, electric pianos, organs, vibraphones, flutes, double bass, and a female chorus.

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The piano stabs at the beginning are characteristic of 90's rave I think, and it's some kind of house, because of the beats.
Try deep, disco, funky, and/or soulful house.
Also sounds like jpoppy-ish.

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@Rallier: I'd class it as "1970s Disco meets Funk meets Jazz with all three turned up to 11".

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