What Other Games Are Like Bayonetta?

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I just got done with the new Bayonetta demo you can download for the 360 on Live and it was INSANE!!

The demo left me to interpret Bayonneta as a Mind-Blowing Phenomena filled with great characteristics and abilities of past games done in a fluent and original style.

In my opinion, this game had such unique chorography, a intriguing story, and a combat structure with near perfect rhythm and variety that it truly sands in a class of is own.

This left me thinking,

What Other Games Are Like Bayonetta?

It may be a little too soon to tell due to a non-release of a full English copy, but these re my correlations based strictly on the demo.

(My mind works in a correlating way that made me think of a bunch of games that had similar story structure, chorography, and game play. Due to my correlations being a bit abstract, you can definitely tell this game is incredibly unique and original.)

The game play and the story structure gave me a God of War vibe mixed in with a lot of Final Fantasy Dissidia combo effects and magic summoning. As I continued through the demo, I also got a Guilty Gear and Blazblue pace from the characters anime appearance and abilities along with the intense speed of the fighting.    

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Devil May Cry?

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God of War?

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Devil May Cry. Made by the same guy I believe.
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 Devil May Cry series is the closet thing to Bayonetta gameplay wise.

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Devil May Cry and if you get really into these types of games try Ninja Gaiden 2

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Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe(both of which were designed by the man behind Bayonetta). The first Devil May Cry hasn't aged very well though, so you're better off trying Devil May Cry 3 or 4(but stay the fuck away from the second game).
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Well I just got done playing the demo and the game is seriously Devil May Cry except with the lady. Seriously though they have so many things in common it is kind of scary, Saying the name of the game on the title screen, the way items/icons kind of "twirl" to the center of the screen when you pick something up, the fixed/weird camera angles on some areas you are running, how the text displays itself when you inspect something.  
I honestly thought I was playing a DMC game during that demo. Minus the part where I didn't immediately die when I tried to fight more than one enemy at a time. Actually I never died and got a lot of those "platinum medal" things. Granted I had it on easy. 

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Like what everyone else is saying, give Devil May Cry a shot.  I say try DMC 3 because I personally think it's the best one in the series.  If you don't have a PS2, then DMC 4 is the game to check out then.

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GOD HAND yeaaa

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You should check out the Devil May Cry and the Viewtiful Joe series which were made by the same dev. Then if you want to try other hack n' slashers you have God Hand, God of War or Ninja Gaiden 1&2.
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God of War is the best out of this genre, i believe!

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But it's not like Bayonetta. It's alot of button mashing hack 'n' slash. Bayonetta is really a unique game.
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Amnesia after a 500 year coma isn't what I'd call an "intriguing" story... don't think it'll win any video game oscars with that premise, but the story looks like it'll be about as crazy and fun as the rest of the game. 
I don't really play games in this genre very often... it feels a bit like Ninja Gaiden but all these games play at their own pace and focus on their own things. Ninja Gaiden (the old xbox version) put a huge emphasis on skilled, precise play and is one of the most difficult games I've ever played and beaten.  Bayonetta seems to be a bit more about a wild ride and a fun experience in general without being brutally unforgiving as Ninja Gaiden was even on the "normal" (lowest) difficulty.

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