What the hell is Cryware?

#1 Posted by Fronominal (108 posts) -

Could someone tell me the website or a list of games that use it.  I know soul caliber 4 and bayonetta use it but i have no idea what it is.

#2 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -

Cryware?  Do you mean CryEngine from Crytek?

#3 Edited by Marz (5698 posts) -

i think he means CriWare,  I think companies use em for like creating some assets and improving engine specific stuff, they are not actually a game engine themselves.  I guess they help with production in some games to speed things up.  After looking at their website, it seems they do alot of audio and video encoding for games.

#4 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Yea, it's CRIware.  I see that logo all the time, thousands of games use it.
It includes a sound codec, a video codec, file management system, and all sorts of developer tools.

#5 Posted by Fronominal (108 posts) -

Thanks i made a crazy assumption thinking that it was the crysis engine, which was wrong.  I had a hell of a time finding anything online about them.  Thanks for the info.

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