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Blow them away!

Beach Head was first released as arcade machine, and was later put on the Mac and PC. Digital Fusion and Wizard Works Software developed the title, with each working on computer and arcade versions Each of the versions were identical except in the arcade you used a track ball for control rather than a computer mouse. Beach Head 2000 is a part of the Beach Head franchise, but was not developed or released by the same company who developed the first title.


Enemies come from air and sea

Beach Head 2000 featured a very arcade style gameplay. You do the same basic task with the goal of getting a high score. The gameplay consists of one element which has you manning a machine gun turret to stop the enemy from advancing. The enemies come by ship or plane and they never stop. Ship will drop land troops on the beach, and the planes will fly over head. The game tries to capture a realistic setting by using photo realistic 3D graphics.


The game has received negative critical reaction. However the game was financially successful and did well in the arcades. More sequels were developed by Digital Fusion, but they only appeared on the home computer platforms.

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