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It's Ojo's birthday and his presents are missing! There are several mini-games, and the player can play as Bear, Ojo, Tutter, Pip & Pop, and Treelo. The game is based on the popular children's TV show that aired from 1997 to 2003, re-runs of the show were shown on playhouse Disney until 2011. In 2001 the Bear in the Big Blue House franchise was sold by Jim Henson to Disney. The game is aimed at children and gives them lessons on things like memorization, shapes and... feeding bubbles to Treelo. The game has three difficulty settings (easy, normal, hard) and two modes, adventure mode and activity mode. In adventure mode you go on an adventure around the big blue house interacting with the other characters to play their respective mini-games. In activity mode you can simply select any mini-game from the adventure and play it multiple times if you wish. For every mini-game there is a bar at the bottom that fills for every action done right and depletes for every action done wrong, fill the bar to win the game! The goal for Ojo is to collect his birthday picture, you do this by completing mini-games and gaining a piece of the picture, when you have all the pieces the whole cast of the game will wish you a happy birthday and then you can play the final mini-game "stars" with bear.

The mini-games

  1. Peekaboo - Sneak past bear and unwrap your presents
  2. Popcorn - Move left and right and catch popcorn. Only good popcorn will count
  3. Maze - Traverse the maze and find the beehive in the time limit
  4. Pondball - You must not let pip and pop score goals to win
  5. Bubbles - Shoot bubbles at Treelo to feed him
  6. Feathers - Collect the falling feathers in your bag
  7. Memory - Match pairs of toys in the attatic for points
  8. Stars - Keep the stars in the air by bouncing them on your belly

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