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The Beastector is the final boss of Mischief Makers created by combining Cerberus Alpha, Sasquatch Beta, and Phoenix Gamma . The giant mech is brought out by Lunar, Tarus and Merco in order to fight Marina for loosely defined reasons involving
Combine to form...
who is the best warrior among them and which one of their fan clubs she should join. At the very least it's an act of revenge for getting beat up and they combine their machines to guarantee victory.
Cerberus Alpha makes up the upper body, Sasquatch Beta makes up the lower body and arms, and Phoenix Gamma makes up the torso and head.


Unlike most other boss battles in Mischief Makers, the Beastector only has one form. Primarily it will stand over Marina and try to stomp her with its feet. This attack can be caught in order to throw the mech down. When it recovers it will either use its arm cannon or fire its rocket arm. 
Rocket Powered Arms- Catch it!
The rocket arm can be caught to shift the battle to a first person perspective with a cross hair as Marina turns the arm into a missile. The Beastector will move back and forth to try and avoid the attack as the player aims. A successful hit will cause severe damage.
The Beastector also has a giant laser it fires from the V-shaped icon on its chest. It will jump into the background as Lunar yells his catch-phrase before opening fire.

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