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A New and Fresh Experience 10

Beat Hazard is a game best described as " Geometry Wars meets Audiosurf". Both of those games are great, so it is not without reason that Beat Hazard is great as well. Either with a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, you control a spaceship with only one objective: shoot everything that moves. The game floods the screen with hostile spaceships, asteroids and a boss here and there while you concentrate on avoiding enemy fire and grabbing power-ups. The power-ups consist o...

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First, I was like "WTF." Then, I was like "FTW!" 1

  If you're anything like me, you won't have a chance understanding Beat Hazard the first time you fire it up and load a song. There are ships and asteroids flying in every direction as stars and the fire of you and your enemies flash to the beat of the track. When the song gets frantic, it is nearly impossible to pick out enemy shots from your own stream of pulsing fire. Play through a couple of tracks, and you will soon find yourself seeing a game in the midst of this barrage of light you did ...

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Your music becomes the enemy. 0

Dual-stick shooters are nothing new, there have been many ranging from mainstream addiction to artistic displays. Cold Beam Games's Beat Hazard has been on the 360's Indie Games service since October of last year, but recently came to Steam.   Like a lot of dual-stick shooters, you have your power-ups (Volume power-ups boost your damage, Power increases your rate of fire) and bombs. There are asteroids that float around and various different types of enemies that try to take you out.  I...

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Beat Hazard 0

Beat Hazard is an indie-developed rhythm-based stick shooter from Cold Beam Games. Beat Hazard works using the music from your hard-drive (or one of the games built-in tracks) to directly determine the effectiveness of your weapon. While your song of choice plays in the background you swoop around the screen destroying asteroids and spaceships, and picking up the items they drop. The louder the song is currently playing at the more firepower your ship will have, however your song starts off play...

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The Lazy man's guide to having a seizure 0

Usually when a game comes with only one or two men behind it's development, you can expect a solid idea, but not fully nor fluently executed.Issues like annoying bugs or bad controls tend to happen more often in games from the independent scene.So when purchasing a game like Beat Hazard, your must be aware that that involves a certain risk investment.  Gameplay The game is a twin-stick shooter (even though you can use a keyboard and mouse combo if you prefer it) in a space setting.What makes thi...

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Also known as "Oh god my eyes: the game" 0

The problem I have, like so many people nowadays, is that I have way too much music files on my computer, yet I find just plain old listening to music so boring. So thank goodness that games like Audiosurf and Beat Hazard have come around to put all those files too good use. However, even though there are times Beat Hazard excels where Audiosurf doesn't, there are times it feels like a glorified Media Player visualizer.  The main thing about Beat Hazard is that it's a dual joystick shooter with ...

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Beat Hazard is a blast but kinda shallow- 0

Beat Hazard is a unique indie game that creates bullet hell shooter levels out of your music.  Players take control of a small spaceship and take on hordes of enemy ships, asteroids and giant bosses that are dynamically generated from MP3's similiar to the indie game Audiosurf.    The game is a blast to play with your music, it is easy to learn but very hard to master and its kinda hard to write a review when the game youve played has been generated based on your music. The game uses very pretty...

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Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together! 0

Indie games aren't bad but I tend not to buy or play them because there's no achievements and it seems they are shorter than I would like when I do really get into them. Yesterday I bought this game twice because I NEED IT EVERYWHERE!  This game is essentially a twin stick shooter, you point one stick where you wanna fly and the other where you wanna shoot. Boring, done to death, and not my cup o' tea. I wouldn't have cared if I hadn't seen a video where a guy was trying to experiement or break ...

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THIS HAZARD WILL BEAT YOU INTO VISUAL SUBMISSION!When Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved hit Xbox Live back in 2006, few could have guessed the floodgates it would open for competitors looking to tap into the same addictive source that made Bizarre Creations dual joystick-stick shooter so popular. Many have already tried, some succeeding better then others, but none have come anywhere near matching the thrills and visual spills of the original Geometry Wars and it's even popular sequel. That hasn't st...

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Decent Dual-Stick shooter 0

The Concept: Beat Hazard takes a different take on this genre by going combining the Custom Music Game with the revived Twin Stick Shooter genre. The Good: The game has a level up mechanic that works very well in my opinion. No matter how badly you think you're doing on a particular level, you're always progressing and powering yourself up, which helps encourage continued play. The Bad: The power of your weapons is not only connected to power-ups you collect in the generated levels, but...

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Beat Hazard is a visual feast for the eyes. 0

The easiest way to describe Beat Hazard is ‘a cross between Audiosurf and Geometry wars’. Beat Hazard is a dual joystick shooter that takes your music to help shape the levels you play, the more intense the music the more intense the level. I enjoyed what I played of Geometry Wars but was not a huge fan. I really enjoyed Audiosurf so when the two games came together I felt they formed a great game. You play as a spaceship fighting off asteroids and other ships as you try to take a relaxing strol...

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MicroView: Beat Hazard 0

Do you love music and hate your optical nerves?   Beat Hazard is a fun debut from “Cold Beam Games” that follows along the lines of dual-stick shooters such as Geometry Wars.   The game begin with the classic seizure warning of most games, however no game I have ever played have even come close to truly needing a warning as much as this has.   The basic premise is that colors, enemies and even the power of your weaponry are all determined by the intensity of the music.   Naturally, being skepti...

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Eyes on Fire! 0

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ + Awesome use of mp3s + Seizure causing visuals + Bargain price of $10 ($5 on X360) -   Only have two lives -   Only two game modes -   Long time to search for songs on computer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Beat Hazard is yet another dual joystick shooter available for download on Steam and XBLA. What makes it...

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Yeah, you could end up hating your music by the end... 0

Reviewing a game like Beat Hazard presents an interesting problem. It’s a dual stick shooter where the gameplay is influenced by the music on your hard drive. Now, you might be wondering how that works, well it’s very simple; the pace and beats of your music has a direct link to how fast you can shoot and how fast the enemies spawn. The faster/higher tempo of a track, the more insane the shooting gets, and I do mean insane... on the highest mode you’ll have to keep track of 40+ enemies on screen...

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Beat Hazard Review 0

Beat Hazard is a twin stick shooter that can also be played with a mouse and keyboard. This is a well known premise, and the game adds to this design by including a pretty versatile music and rhythm game to it. You play music from a variety of sources, and these affect how the enemies spawn and move around. A slow tempo song will cause a minimal amount of enemies to spawn, and their movement will be at a manageable pace. If a song decides to pick up in tempo, significantly more enemies will spaw...

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ok... 0

you would think Space Combat + your own music = epic. it is... sort of... in beat hazad u do space combat against ships and "boss ships" till u pass each song, the achievements and leveling system are cool also. the stupid thing is, u cant beat songs that i like past the normal difficulty, u fail each da** time. its an ok game to play but prepare to stay on easy mode....

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Super addictive simplicity at its finest 0

Beat Hazard is part Geomtry Wars and part Audiosurf and although it is a relatively simple game if you like listening to music while potentially giving yourself a seizure in a glowing bullet hell then this is the game for you.  Admittedly I took a gamble when I bought this game, a journalist who I like said I should buy it and so I did.  I had no idea if I would like it or hate it but for only seven bucks I figured it wasn't going to be a big loss even if I didn't take interest.  To my delighted...

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