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Beat is the lead character of Sega's Jet Grind Radio (Jet Set Radio in the EU) series. He's a seventeen-year-old "Rudie" who ran away from home - Fukowoka - to Shibuya to join a street gang. Shunned by other gangs, he decides to start his own gang called "The GGs".


Beat, in Jet Grind Radio.
Jet Grind RadioBeat's wears an orange t-shirt with Japanese letters displayed on it. He wears green sun-glasses with zig-zag lines on them, black pants, fingerless gloves and a pair of headphones.

Beat, in Jet Set Radio Future.
Jet Set Radio FutureIn Jet Set Radio Future, Beat went through a redesign. He remains pretty similar to the first game; a green t-shirt with Japanese letters displayed - could be the same letters that was on Beat's original design - and black trim on the sleeves. His black gloves are not fingerless this time, though he retains his black pants and headphones.

Sega Superstars Tennis

Beat, in Sega Super Star Tennis.
Beat represents the franchise in Sega Superstars Tennis as a playable character, alongside Gum. He is classed as a speed player and uses his skates to quickly navigate the court. His special shot sees the Jet Set/Grind Radio logo spray painted onto the other side of the court, causing the opponent to slip and slide. In addition to this, shots played during this period take sharp right-angled trajectories that can be controlled by the player. This makes it great as a defensive play and a good offensive shot at the net, but it normally lasts for around two shots.

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