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Beatrix is the world-renowned General of the Alexandrian army. Her strength, skill and reputation is unmatched anywhere. Beatrix is the highest ranking Alexandrian not of royal blood. She is considered the greatest warrior in the world, and is known to show no mercy.

She has several aliases, but 3 stand out. The “Best swordsman in the continent"(or in this case swordswoman), “The cold-blooded woman who silences even the crying infant” and “Beatrix who felled 100 men”.

Her birthplace is unknown, as is the question if she has any family. Nothing is known of her past, other than her being a wunderkind in the art of swordsmanship and her serving of the Alexandrian royal bloodline.

She developed a rivalry with Adelbert Steiner after he defeated her during a practime match. The leader of the Pluto knights had a distinct advantage, as he was 23 while Beatrix was only 18. The loss had a significant impact on her to completely re-dedicate her life to the arts of war and her life as a knight. Beatrix and Steiner still don't completely see eye-to-eye, as she is still bitter about her loss and Steiner is enraged with Beatrix's Alexandrian guard being of a higher order than his Pluto knights.

Beatrix starts out in the game as an enemy, helping Queen Brahne obtain jewels for summoning Eidolons, as well as taking out all potential threats on the Mist Continent. It is revealed, however, that her feelings towards the campaign aren't what they seem. She feels as though she is taking a back seat, letting the black mages do the dirty work. She claims her soldiers would be more than enough power, but feels like Queen Brahne is neglecting her.

Upon discovering the Queen's plan to get rid of Garnet, and conquer the world, Beatrix sides with Zidane and the gang, considering her allegiance to Princess Garnet more important than her allegiance to the Queen. She stays behind with Freya and Steiner in Alexandria, to give Zidane the chance to safely escape with the Princess, and it is shown that she survives the ordeal.

When the Queen dies, Beatrix is one of the major helpers for Garnet, aiding her in becoming the new Queen, and coming to terms with her mother's death. She and Steiner team up when Alexandria falls under attack, and again, somehow survives. Over time Beatrix and Steiner go from being rivals to developing romantic feelings for eachother. For instance, Steiner admits to Zidane that he does in fact love her. Likewise Beatrix is extremely touched when she gets what she believes is a love letter from Steiner (which was actually a letter from Eiko to Zidane).

In the ending scene, Beatrix opens the door for the new Queen Garnet, letting her go to Zidane, as Beatrix and Steiner together hold the Save the Queen into the air, as a symbol of their love.


Beatrix (Burmecia)

HP: 3,630
Items: Phoenix Down; Mythril Sword; Chain Plate
The first battle against Beatrix is somewhat difficult. Make sure to Steal with Zidane for the nice armor and weapon. First Quina should use Mighty Guard, and Freya should use Reis' Wind (this should occur throughout the battle). Have Vivi cast his strongest spells, and maybe Focus once or twice.
Beatrix will use several powerful attacks, including Thunder Slash (strong lightning attack), Shock (practically an instant-death it's so powerful) and even her regular physical attack. Be sure to heal often and revive any downed teammates. Use Quina for healing/items, have Freya use Jump every now and then, and if you get all the items stolen, have Zidane unleash strong physical attacks. She'll finish the battle with a Stock Break.

Beatrix (Cleyra)

HP: 4,736
Items: Phoenix Down; Thunder Gloves; Ice Brand
This battle plays out much like the first, only you're a little stronger and she's got a little more health to hack away at. Like before, Mighty Guard and Reis' Wind will both be very useful. Some Stealing for the nice armor and weapon, and then strong physical attacks. Vivi should be using his strongest spells again, preferably Blizzara. She ends this battle again with a strong Stock Break.

Beatrix (Alexandria)

HP: 5,709
This battle will be a lot easier with Steiner on the team. He and Vivi can use an onslaught of Blizzara attacks. You may wish to Steal the nice items she has on her first though. Freya's Reis' Wind and Jump abilities will be very helpful as well. Just work away at her slightly higher health, and she'll finish the battle with the famous Climhazzard.
Following the final boss battle against her, Beatrix joins the party (unfortunately, only as a temporary character). She has powerful physical attacks and as well as strong healing magic and "Seiken" abilities. These include her devastating Stock Break, Shock, and Climhazzard. She is only in the party twice: in Alexandria as Zidane and Garnet escape from Brahne, and in Alexandria City, defending the people from Mistodons with Steiner.


  • Allow me to shatter your delusions of grandeur
  • I commend your courage, but I will show you no mercy.
  • I'll kill all enemies of Alexandria, never step in this land again! Your pathetic powers are useless against me.
  • It can't be... princess... So, it was true. The queen really did mean to kill her...
  • Steiner, it is time for you to accept the truth... My heart is set. All this time, I have been mistaken...
  • Citizens of Burmecia, please forgive me.
  • (Beatrix thinking to herself) That was ridiculous. My troops alone would've been more than enough to take Cleyra. Why does the queen insist on using black mages and eidolons? I didn't train all these years so I could take a backseat to anyone... [Black mages walk by] There's no difference between them and me. We're all just blindly following orders. Mty heart and my will mean nothing. Maybe Steiner was right...

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