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In Beauty And The Beast, players control Bashful Buford on his quest to save his girlfriend Tiny Mable from the grip of the evil Horrible Hank who has taken her and scaled the old Mutton Building.


The player moves Buford across the ledges of a building, dodging objects thrown by Horrible Hank and birds that fly across the screen. Getting hit by one of these objects sends Buford down to the bottom of the tower and he loses a life. Buford has to wait for an open window before he can climb to the next story. When he reaches Horrible Hank at the top of the screen, Hank takes off to the next level. Every few screens, the tower gets narrower. At the top of the tower, when Buford reaches Hank, Hank falls and Mabel is saved. At least until the next time Hank steals her away and Buford has to save her again.

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