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Bebe, whose real name is Andre Roland Jean Gerard/Andre Laurent Jean Geraux, is a foreign exchange student from France. He loves sewing and everything about Japan. Bebe always hangs out in the Home Economics room at Gekkoukan High School. Bebe always carries a fan with him. The Temperance Arcana Social Link can be established with him.

The player can meet Bebe after a certain scene is triggered. While Minato is hanging out with Bunkichi and Mitsuko (the bookstore old couple), Bebe enters the bookstore and gives Bunchiki his missing wallet. He then introduces himself to Minato, and tells the player where he can be found, which is in the Home Economics room in Gekkoukan High School. Once Minato has been acquainted with Bebe, the Temperance Social Link is established.

Bebe doesn't really have friends since he moved in Japan. But when Minato shows up, he gains a friend, somebody who would help him learn more about Japan. Bebe loves everything about Japan, and is obsessed with learning more about it. The main reason he even got to go to Japan is his aunt who gave him the money he needed to become a foreign exchange student. But later on in the game, Bebe finds out that his aunt dies, and his uncle wants him back in France right away. Bebe is crushed when he finds out of the news before him. He tells Minato that he doesn't like his uncle because he has no reason why Bebe should stay in Japan. After some convincing, Bebe decides he will make a kimono, one that will surely convince his uncle that he should and deserves to stay in Japan rather than go back to France. When he is finally done, he says goodbye to Minato and promises to come back from France after he convinces his uncle about his remaining in Japan. During the epilogues of all the Social Links, the player finds out that Bebe did plan to convince his uncle about the kimono, but he realizes that all the people who helped him go to Japan were missing him and Bebe was convinced to stay to help his family, especially his uncle. He also says in the letter that someday he will go back to Japan fulfill his promise to Minato that they will hang out again when he comes back someday.

After the Temperance Arcana Social Link is successfully maxed out, the persona Yurlungur, in the Velvet Room


The Temperance Arcana

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