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Misses a Few Beats 0

Sequence is billed as the first rhythm-game RPG, which is, while technically accurate, a title that'll probably lead to more disappointment than anything else. It really is an RPG in only the thinnest sense. It has a story, but its inventory management/equipment aspect feels mostly tacked on and it probably would have been a better game without them.The setup goes like this. You're "Ky" (is that what kids named Kyle go by these days?) an MIT student mysteriously kidnapped from his daily life and...

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Harmonizing 0

Sequence is an engaging rhythm game first and foremost but it employs basic RPG elements in key ways that trigger just the right amount of loot driven behavior.You'll spend most of your time beating bosses in order to recieve the loot you need to learn spells. To cast the spells against your foes you'll use your keyboard's directional arrows within a spell column. Arrows will simply drop down from the screen and it's up to you to hit the correct directions in time with the rhythm. What makes it ...

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Refreshingly Unique, Good Value, A Little Too Repetitive 0

Last October, Steam saw the release of Iridium Studios’ former Xbox Live Indie Game Sequence. This debut title can only be described as a “rhythm RPG,” combining gameplay elements from Bemani-style rhythm games and standard RPG trappings such as experience and crafting. You play as Ky, a male college student who suddenly wakes up to find himself trapped in a tower filled with monsters and must fight his way up to survive. Guiding him is his assigned “shepherd,” Naia, who gives her advice and dir...

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