My endless classic mode game

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Ever since I got an iPod touch, I have fallen in love with Bejeweled 2. On my first attempt, I managed to build up a score of 300,000 and after that, I just kept trying to beat my highest. My favorite thing to do on my iPod is to listen to an audiobook while playing a mindless game like Bejeweled. I can put forth as little effort as possible to keep myself occupied, while fully taking in everything in the book and avoid outside distractions due to already being focused on two things at once. Doing this sort of thing, my score just kept going up and up until I got above 1 million for a single game. In February or March (somewhere in there), I started a new classic game, and that's the last time I started a new game. Since then, I've either mastered the game completely, or gotten absurdly lucky for an equally absurd amount of time. At this point, I've probably put over 100 hours into this single game of Bejeweled and I can't see it ending anytime soon. Because of how the autosaving works, I can just exit the game whenever and come back into it at any point in the future. From my experience, I know that any given game stays saved for any amount of time or any event whether it be over several weeks of not playing, or a complete IOS version update. It's just a constant thing I have going and it only just occured to me that I might actually be the only one doing this and therefore, justified in shamelessly flaunting it. So is this just a crazy thing to do which I'm a crazy person for doing or does anyone else do anything similar? Enough of this thinly veiled excuse for my bragging my ass off, here's a screenshot of where my game currently stands: 

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I'm bumping my own topic just because this second post makes me the top poster on the Bejeweled 2 page

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That's just ridiculous. Level 167!?

I think i may have got to level 10 once...

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Wow dude. That's some high level shit right there.

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That is insane. I did the same thing from Trism on the Iphone, play the same game continuously thanks to the save features, but I never got that high.

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the key is to never, ever make power gems. Either match 3 or 5, never 4. The explosions will fuck you up.

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What the fucking shit-fuck. THAT'S A LOT OF POINTS. YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAT?

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