If I were to buy this on Popcap's site, is there any way to...

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Hey! Quick question from a concerned consumer trying to get Bejeweled 3 cheaper than what Steam is offering... 
If I were to purchase Bejeweled 3 on Popcap's website (at 15% off I think since I'm a member), would and could I connect it to Steam somehow, like register it? I'm being a pain about this mainly for the achievements. Save the tomatoes! I know, ridiculous. I'm a petty person.

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Shameless bump; to be the first and last of the sort. I just really need some guidance.

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Pretty sure for you to get the steam achievements, you need to buy it on steam. There is no way for you to register the game on steam if you buy it elsewhere. You can make a shortcut in your library page, but that's about all steam will allow you to do if you buy from popcap. 

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@fez_soni: From Popcap's FAQ: 
If you do decide to purchase the game, you will receive an order confirmation email containing an Order Number which allows you to register or unlock the game and play the full version. 
Hmmm... I wonder if I'd be able to use that number and register it on Steam. Damn it, this is such a conflict!
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I believe you need to buy the steam version to link it to steam.  The code popcap mentions unlocks the demo (which is just the full game locked out).

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Unless they offer you some code to download it on Steam, there's no chance.

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This game doesn't have steam achievements.

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Huh, looks like I'll have to stop being a cheap-ass with my wanting to save $5 on Bejeweled 3. That and Popcap only allows you 5 downloads of a purchased game. While you can ask customer support to give you another key after those 5 are gone, free of charge, that still seems inconveniencing compared to Steam's unlimited downloads. 
Thanks everyone. Quite antsy to play me some Bejeweled 3.

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