I could have worked on inFamous 2 :(

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#1 Posted by Shakezula84 (533 posts) -

I was in the interview process at Sucker Punch to test infamous 2 when I got hired at my current non gaming job.

I was so excited at the possibility of working on a game I'm excited for and a developer again, but when I had to measure the fact it was a contract job compared to the fulltime retail job with benefits job I have now I know I made the right decision.

But I can always dream of what could have been.

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#2 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

I remember that post. Didn't you turn it down because you had to raise a family?

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#3 Posted by Shakezula84 (533 posts) -

Yup. What I make now us a lot more then what I would have made.

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#4 Posted by DeeGee (2192 posts) -

Work on, test, I'm not sure if I think they're the same thing >.>

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#5 Posted by HatKing (7228 posts) -

I could have been a tester for Saints Row 2/Red Faction Guerrilla.  The only reason I didn't take the job was because the city they're located in is (or was at the time) about forty minutes away, and I just couldn't justify the commute when I had a job in the town I lived in.

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#6 Posted by Shakezula84 (533 posts) -
@DeeGee I agree. I should have used different terminology but in my defense when you do developer testing while you don't actually fix the bugs you may have to show the developers how the bug occurs personally or even use tools to locate the bug a little deeper.

@HatKing When I worked at Nintendo the commute was almost and hour.
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#7 Posted by Amerist (68 posts) -
@Shakezula84: That sounds like a mad commute, but then I realized that here in Phoenix, a 1 hour commute has never been unknown to me. (Dreadful and annoying, but dismally common.) ξ
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#8 Posted by c_rakestraw (927 posts) -

You definitely made the right choice if you've got a family to support. Game testing ain't that great of a long-term career, I hear, in addition to the poor pay.

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#9 Posted by HatKing (7228 posts) -
@Shakezula84: The commute just seemed like an unnecessary expense considering I already had a job about two blocks away from my house.
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#10 Posted by hoossy (1063 posts) -

I always worried that working on a game for the long hours would ruin my ability to sit back and enjoy them during my free time...

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