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Benjamin Matthius was the captain of the USG Ishimura, and a Unitologist, sent by the Church of Unitolgy to retrieve the Marker found on the Aegis 7 colony. He was an extremely high ranking member of the Church, and very devout in his faith. He used his influence to make sure that many of the crew of the Ishimura were Unitologists, and that Drs. Challus Mercer and Terrence Kyne were also assigned to the mission.
Once the Ishimura reached Aegis 7 and the Marker was loaded onto the ship, Captain Matthius began to lose his sanity. He became increasing paranoid, and rambled on about getting the Marker back to Earth. He quarantined the colony, refusing to send them aid when they were being over run by the Necromorphs, and wanted to abandon the colony entirely and return to Earth, bringing the Necromorphs with him. By this time, other members of the crew grew concerned with his erratic behavior, and finally Dr. Kyne declared him mentally unfit for

duty, and relieved him of command. While Dr. Kyne was trying to sedate him, a struggle ensued, and Matthius was stabbed through the eye with a needle, and died. There is a continuity error of this event however, as in video log in the game, it shows Matthius struggling, being restrained by security officers, and Kyne may or may not have stabbed him on purpose. However, in the animated prequel, Dead Space: Downfall, Matthius breaks free after being restrained, and tries to strangle Kyne, and then accidentally impaling himself on the needle. After his death, Matthius is taken to the ships morgue, where he is infected before the player's eyes, and they are forced to destroy the Necromorph his carcass becomes before they can get their hands on his RIG.

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