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Benny is a character in Fallout: New Vegas and head of the Chairmen, the group that runs the Tops casino in New Vegas.  He is also the rival of the protagonist.  At the beginning of the game, Benny and his men corner the player character, allowing him to steal the platinum poker chip that the courier had been tasked with delivering.  Their encounter ends with Benny shooting the courier in the head and leaving him/her for dead.  
The player has two chances in the game to kill Benny. The first is when the player confronts him at The Tops casino. If he escapes from the casino, their next opportunity is when Benny is captured at Caesar's Legion base, Fortification Hill. If the player is female and has the Black Widow perk, they can seduce Benny into sleeping with them and later kill him in his sleep or let him go. If he is captured at The Fort, the player can also let Benny go by giving him a stealth boy and a bobby pin, or by killing Caesar and all the Legion troops in The Fort. If Benny escapes, he is never seen in the game again. 
Benny carries a unique 9 MM pistol called "Maria". It is the same weapon that is used to kill The Courier at the beginning of the game.  His suit can also be looted from his body after he is killed. 

Benny is voiced by actor Matthew Perry.

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