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Beourg Laying on the Ground

Beourg (labelled as Fallen Beourg) is an NPC character that is encountered early on in Ragnarok Online 2. Beourg was asked by The Dean to hunt some Baby Porings. The Baby Poring were too strong for Beourg which was injured by the Baby Poring. On top of being knocked down by the Baby Poring, they also stole Beourgs crib sheets for his history class.


  • Level - 1
  • HP - 150
  • SP - 120


They're Too Strong!!!

They're Too Strong!!!

After meeting Beourg and finding out about his story, he then asks the player to retrieve the crib sheets that were stolen by the Baby Poring.

Upon completion of the quest the player will receive:

  • 18 Exp
  • 4 Rupee
  • Red Potion (1)

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