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Beowulf is a bland and somewhat forgettable beat'em up. 1

As I will mention many times in this review, I haven't seen the Beowulf movie and I have no interest in seeing it.  I know a little bit about the Beowulf history but that's about it.  With that said, the storyline still made no sense to me at all.  The battle system was bland.  The platforming was awful.  The QTE's they make you do is just annoying.  I especially hated the pacing of the game, which always made you felt rushed for time and gave you little reason to search for secrets.  overall, B...

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Beowulf is worth 8 bucks 2

Oh  boy  Beowulf  the  Game  not  many  like  this  Game.  Frist  off   the  Graphics   are  good  not  Great  but  good.  The  Battle  fights  are   good  and   Bloody.  The  power  up  of  Rage  is   Good  the  bad  with  the  Power  Rage  is  that  you  can  kill  your  own  men  with  your  weapons  so  in  close  battles  the  power  Rage  can  be  a  pain.  The  good  is  not  many  Vikings  games  out  there  and  its  nice  to  see  this  in  a  Game  wish   they  had  more  of  them  on...

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