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Robert Zemeckis' version

 Beowulf & his loyal crew
 Beowulf & his loyal crew
According to the 2007 animated movie directed by Robert Zemeckis (who - among others - is responsible for the popular Back to the Future series) Beowulf is a relatively young but already famous warrior who is called by king Hrothgar to save his Mead-Hall Heorot from a rampaging monster called Grendel. The Grendel monster (brought to life by Crispin Glover) is portrayed as a very tall but horribly disfigured humanoidal character with an external eardrum. Beowulf Battles Grendel inside Heorot and finally defeats him by ripping his arm. The creature - that later turn's out to be king Hrothgar's son - shriks to the size of a man and flees to die on it's mother's arms. Grendel's Mother (last of the demons) seeks revenge on mankind by death and mutilation as well as seducing the next king - Beowulf himself. Many years later king Beowulf is forced to battle a dragon (who happens to have the same origin as Grendel, but with Beowulg himself being the father) that ravages his lands. After an epic battle - during which Beowulf cuts off his arm in order to reach monster's heart - both of them fall dead. Beowulf's loyal friend Wiglaf is chosen to be the new king but he's still not safe from Grendel's Mother evil.

Beowulf: The Game

 Sea is my mother!
 Sea is my mother!
The 2007 movie spawned a computer game bearing the same name, which expands the story by showing what happened to the protagonist between the periods covered by the movie. The story is divided into three parts. In the first one players play as young Beowulf from racing Brecca (what was mentioned in the movie as well) to the point where Beowulf becomes a king after defeating Grendel and meeting his mother. The second part enables players to live through the period that was not covered in the movie and features several missions as a young king. The final act is the ultimate showdown between old king Beowulf and the Dragon. 
The game features numerous quick time events (looking especially well during the boss battles) and limited character development. Beowulf can fight with different weapons with 2 attack buttons (as he can collect new ones during his quest), grapple the enemies (what nay be followed by disarming, throwing or beating them up in several ways). Some of the most bloody moves can be performed when the protagonist enters the carnal power mode, which gives him a temporary damage boost. Beowulf has a group of Thanes under his command and he can give them simple orders such as: open, follow, boost. The game also features several rythm game segments (e.g. completing a song succesfully speeds up opening the door or is necessary in order to lure Grendel). The hero is pitted against regular-sized enemies, as well as bigger creatures (trolls) and large boss characters - each enemy type can be finished in various bloody ways.

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