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Bethany Hawke is the sister of the protagonist of Dragon Age II. She is an apostate mage that flees with the rest of her family to Kirkwall during the Blight. Her physical appearance is affected by choices the player makes regarding their own character during character creation, including facial structure and skin tone. However, if the player chooses to make their own character a mage, Bethany does not escape the darkspawn attack on Lothering at the game's start, and will instead be replaced by Carver Hawke, who would otherwise die at the same point in the game.

From the outset, Bethany is also aligned towards having a Friendship towards Hawke.

No matter how the player proceeds, Hawke is forced to part ways with Bethany based on one of three outcomes. If Bethany is left behind during the expedition into the Deep Roads, she will be found by the Templars and forced into the Circle of Mages, as apostate mages are not legally allowed to freely be on their own. If Bethany does accompany Hawke on the expedition, she will become tainted by darkspawn, at which point she must either be sent off to undergo the trial of the Grey Wardens and join their ranks or be doomed to die. No matter the outcome, Bethany will leave the player's party for the remainder of the game.

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